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Lexis®Web Beta is just that – it is a preview for us to understand what you like and what you don’t, what you want and what you don’t. We rely on your feedback so go ahead – be a part of the solution.
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Lexis®Web Beta is published by LexisNexis®. LexisNexis® is committed to improving performance in the business and practice of law. By combining the 200-year heritage of influential relationships and authoritative information from Butterworths, with the proven content and technology expertise of LexisNexis, we enable you to dig deeper, search further, work smarter and innovate faster.

Content from LexisNexis®

Browse or search the list of provisions of each Australian Act or Regulation, and jump through to the latest cases and legislative news including forms & precedents, practical guidance, journals and newsletters:
  • LawNow® Legislation - Australia's largest collection of full text current, repealed and historical legislation, with Bills, explanatory memoranda and second reading speeches, key related cases and commentary. Click the Express Search icon to automatically search your subscribed cases and commentary on LexisNexis AU
  • CaseBase Case Citator® - Australia's most comprehensive and current case citator updated daily, places more than 500,000 case citations, digests and journal articles at your fingertips. In one hub you can view the case treatment and relevant catchwords and digests Click the CaseBase icon to view the latest cases judicially considering each piece of legislation.
  • Australian Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents - Australia's most comprehensive one-stop source of forms and precedents. It contains over 4,000 non-litigious legal forms and precedent documents in more than 90 legal subject areas, covering all Australian jurisdictions.
  • LexisNexis Practical Guidance – Direct access to guidance notes, commentary, checklists, precedents, forms, cases and legislation across our family law, business law, property law, corporations law, employment law, succession law, Work Health & Safety law and general counsel modules - smart guidance for the real lawyer.
  • LexisNexis Reports, Journals, Bulletins and Newsletters - Practical, informative and current articles from our expert authors and editors covering over 20 different topic areas with regard to latest developments, current events, case law, legislation and amendments, as well as practical legal implications for potential clients and the industry.
  • LegalExpress® - free daily practice- area current awareness email provides a convenient summary of the latest judgments, journal articles and pending legislation changes, or access anytime via the LegalExpress website. Click here to subscribe for free.


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