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5.5 Availability of names — Schedule 6 Part 3 Corporations Regulations 2001 (Cth)
5.10 Consent for restricted words and phrases — Schedule 6 Parts 4 & 5 Corporations Regulations 2001 (Cth)
5.20 List of legislation by state and territory of additional name restrictions for corporations
5.50 Consent to becoming a member of proposed proprietary company
5.70 Consent to act as secretary for a company
5.80 Consent to act as director for a company
5.105 Index of ASIC forms for the formation and registration of a company
5.110 Application for registration as an Australian company — ASIC Form 201
5.115 Application for registration of a body corporate as an Australian company — ASIC Form 202
5.120 Notification of resolution — ASIC Form 205
5.125 Application for change of company type — ASIC Form 206
5.157 Application to use an alternative address — ASIC Form 378
5.158 Application for suppression of residential address — ASIC Form 379
5.160 Application for registration of a registrable Australian body — ASIC Form 401
5.165 Application for registration as a foreign company — ASIC Form 402
5.170 Verification of copy of document authorising, on behalf of a foreign company, execution of a document appointing a local agent — ASIC Form 403
5.180 Notification of change to agent of a foreign company — ASIC Form 404
5.185 Statement to verify financial statements of a foreign company — ASIC Form 405
5.190 Annual return of a foreign company — ASIC Form 406
5.195 Notification of cessation, winding up or dissolution of a foreign company or registered Australian body — ASIC Form 407
5.200 Application for reservation of a name — ASIC Form 410
5.210 Memorandum of appointment of local agent — ASIC Form 418
5.215 Verification or certification of a document — ASIC Form 911
5.220 Sample annexure to ASIC form


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