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1.1 Bill of exchange payable to bearer on demand
1.5 Bill of exchange payable to order after sight
1.10 Bill of exchange payable to order after date
1.15 Indorsement to a specific payee: Bills of exchange
1.20 Indorsement in blank: Bills of exchange
1.25 Indorsement — conditional: Bills of exchange
1.30 Indorsement — restrictive: Bills of exchange
1.35 Indorsement negativing liability: Bills of exchange
1.40 Indorsement with case of need: Bills of exchange
1.45 Indorsement by delegated authority: Bills of exchange
1.50 Bill of exchange — non-transferable
1.55 Foreign bill of exchange in set of three with indication of the source from which the acceptor may recoup himself or herself, or account to be charged
1.60 Acceptance — general: Bills of exchange
1.65 Acceptance — qualified: Bills of exchange
1.70 Acceptance — partial: Bills of exchange
1.75 Acceptance — local: Bills of exchange
1.80 Acceptance qualified as to time: Bills of exchange
1.85 Acceptance by one or more of the drawees, but not all: Bills of exchange
1.90 Bill of exchange drawn without recourse
1.95 Notice of dishonour to drawer: Bills of exchange
1.100 Notice of dishonour to indorser: Bills of exchange
1.105 Referee in case of need if a bill of exchange is dishonoured by non-acceptance or non-payment
1.110 Protest of bill of exchange by a notary public
1.115 Protest of a bill of exchange by a householder
1.120 Notarial act of honour required on payment for honour supra protest
1.125 Promissory note by a single maker to a specified person or order
1.130 Promissory note by a company to a specified person or bearer
1.135 Promissory note — joint
1.140 Promissory note — joint and several
1.145 Notice of dishonour to indorser of promissory notes
1.150 Promissory note payable at a particular place
1.155 Promissory note payable by instalments
1.160 Promissory note payable with interest and containing pledge of collateral security
1.165 IOU
1.170 Order cheque with a limit of amount
1.175 Bearer cheque
1.180 Cheque with receipt attached
1.185 Cheque required to be presented within a specified time
1.190 Order instrument conditional upon completion of a receipt
1.195 Bearer cheque crossed “not negotiable”
1.200 Notice of dishonour to drawer of a cheque
1.205 Cheque drawn by a financial institution on itself
1.210 Banker's draft
1.220 Agency cheque payable to bearer
1.225 Traveller's cheque issued to a traveller
1.230 Traveller's cheque — common terms and conditions of use
1.235 Common form of application for refund or replacement of lost or stolen cheques


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