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Torts Law Journal
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A Comparison of the Adoption of the Ipp Report Recommendations and Other Personal Injuries Liability Reforms
A Critique of the National, Uniform Defamation Laws
A History of Tort Law 1900-1950 by Paul Mitchell
A Kind of Damage: Removing the Shock from Nervous Shock
A Life Less Ordinary - The Rejection of Actions for Wrongful Life
A Retreat from Concurrent Liability in Tort and Contract: A Singaporean Perspective
A School's Liability to Pupils Journeying to and from School
A Statutory Cause of Action for Privacy? A Critical Appraisal of Three Recent Australian Law Reform Proposals
A Tale of Two Divers
A Tort Analysis of Group Defamation - Defining and Refining Knuppfer
AAA v Backwell: The Case of the Mixed-up Sperm
Absolute Privilege: Defamatory Attack on Magistrate by Losing Litigant
Absolutely Privileged: Client's Complaint about Solicitor's Prof Conduct
Access to Justice for Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse
Adolescent Negligence, 'Obvious Risk' and Recent Developments in Neuroscience
Agency: Definitional Challenges Through the Law of Tort
Alternative Dispute Resolution in Workers Compensation
An Alternative View of Woolcock Street Investments v CDG Pty Ltd
An Assessment of Competing Policy Considerations in Cases of Psychiatric Injury Resulting from Negligence
An Overview of Liability and Compensation for Personal Injury in China
An Uncommon Common Law: Barristers' Immunity in New Zealand
Anglo-Australian Law of Medical Negligence - Towards Convergence?
Another Conquest in the Imperial Expansion of the Law of Negligence
Another Tale of Two Divers
Appeal in the Case of the Mixed-Up Sperm: Backwell v AAA
Application of Contributory Negligence Principles to Doctor/Patient Relationship
Apportionment and Tortfeasors in Australia: Professionals' Liability and Economic Loss: An Outside View
Approaches to Fault in German Tort Law
Arrested Development: Police Negligence and the Caparo 'Test' for Duty of Care
Artists, Critics and Defamation Law Reform
Asbestos Worker's Wife: Excluded by Science
Automated Vehicles and Australian Personal Injury Compensation Schemes
Automobile No-fault in Quebec as Compared to Victoria
Banker and Customer: Reciprocal Absence of a Duty of Care?
Beyond Single Causative Agents: The Scope of the Fairchild Exception Post-Sienkiewicz
Blight of Economic Loss: Is There Life after Perre v Apand?
Book Review - Tort Law Defences, James Goudkamp
Book Reviews - The Law of Private Nuisance, Allan Beever
Breaking New Ground? Nuisance, Negligence and Pure Economic Loss in Marsh v Baxter - Case Note; Marsh v Baxter
Buyer Beware: Limiting the Liability of Builders for Latent Defects - Case Note; Woolcock Street Investments Pty Ltd v CDG Pty Ltd
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