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Australian Journal of Family Law
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A Call for Clarity in the Use of Social Science Research in Family Law Decision-making
A Federal Law of De Facto Property Rights: The Dream and the Reality
A Judicial Perspective on the Australian Family Violence Reforms 12 Months On
A Question of Priorities: Wives or Unsecured Creditors?
A Question of Priorities: Wives or Unsecured Creditors?
A Review of the Literature on Family Dispute Resolution and Family Violence: Identifying Best Practice and Research Objectives for the Next 10 Years
A Study of Inter-Professional Relationships in a Changing Family Law System
Abolition of the marital rape exemption at common law
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and the Family Law System: A Report by the Family Law Council
Accounting for Care Contributors before Cohabitation in Property Settlement
Accrued Jurisdiction: Questions of Discretion and Power
Adaptations of Islamic Family Law for the Australian Context
Adopting Culture-Specific Dispute Resolution Processes in Australia: Which Way Forward for Access to Justice?
Adoption Reforms New South Wales Style: A Comparative Look
AID Child and the Alternative Family: Who Pays?
AIF v AMS; High Court and Relocation
Allegations of Family Violence and Child Abuse in Children's Proceedings: A Pre-Reform Empirical Snapshot
Allesch v Maunz; Developments and Events
Am I My Child's Keeper? Parental Liability in Negligence
Amendments to the Child Support and Social Security Schemes that Increase Recognition of Step-children
An Exploration of the Legal and Socio-Ethical Implications of Predictive Genetic Testing of Children
An Implied Promise to Parent: Lesbian Families, Litigation and W v G
Analysing the Structure of Litigation Costs
Arbitral Decision-Making in Family Property Disputes - Lotteries, Crystal Balls, and Wild Guesses
Are We There Yet? An Analysis of Relocation Judgments in Light of Changes to the Family Law Act
Assessing the Impact of the Family Law Reform Act 1995
Attempts of Deal with Undisclosed Wealth in Property Settlement Proceedings
Australian Birth Certificates: The Best Interests of No One at All
Australian Family Law Court Decisions on Relocation: Dynamics in Parents' Relationships Across Time
B and B: Family Law Reform Act 1995
Balancing Rights in Child Protection Law
Bankruptcy & family law - Is there an equitable solution?
Best Interests of the Aboriginal Child in Family Law Proceedings
Best Interests, Conflict and Harm - A Response to Chisholm and Parkinson
Beyond Accommodation: The Cultural Politics of Recognition and Relationality in Dispute Resolution
Beyond Custody & Access: A Children's Rights Approach to Post Seperation
Book Review - Family Provision in Australia by John K de Groot and Bruce W Nickel
Book Review - Joanna Miles, Perveez Mody and Rebecca Probert, Marriage Rites and Rights
Bracklow v Bracklow - Canadian Case on Entitlement to Spousal Maintenance
Bridging the Gap Between Juvenile Justice Act 2000 and Christian Personal Law - Inheritance Right of Adopted and Illegitimate Child in India
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