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Competition & Consumer Law Journal
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A Behavioural Perspective on Consumer Protection
A Comparison of Merger Regulation in New Zealand and the United States
A Critique of the CCAAC Report of 2009 and the Statutory Guarantee of Acceptable Quality in the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth)
A Decade After the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 - The Law and Competition
A National Energy Regulator for Australia?
A Review of the ACCC's Media Mergers Guideline
A Second Look at the Boycott of Max Brenner
A Tale of Two Cities: From Davids Holdings to Metcash - Case Note; ACCC v Metcash Trading Ltd
ACCC Keynote Address
ACCC's 1996 Merger Guidelines
ACCC's Country of Origin Guideline
Access Pricing: Law Before Economics?
Access under the Trade Practices Act
Acquiring Power: ACCC's Loy Yang Power Decision and the Legacy of Australian Gas LIght Co v ACCC (No 3) - Case Note
Actions for Breach of s 52 and for Negligent Misstatement at Common Law - Some Observations on their Relative Competitiveness
Activating Competition: The Consumer - Competition Interface
Administrative Costs & Error Costs in Market Conduct Regulation
Advertising Agencies: Are they Really the Gatekeepers for Consumer Protection
Advertising Agencies: Their Role in Consumer Protection
Agreements and Competition Law in Australia
An Anti-Monopoly Law for China: Weapon or Mirage?
An Effects Test Under S 46 of the Trade Practices Act: Identifying the Real Effects
Analysing the Competition Impact of Partial Acquisitions - Sky/ITV as a Case Study
Anti-competitive Aspects of Sports
Anti-Competitive Conduct in Telecommunications: Supp Rules Required ?
Antitrust Defence to Contract Actions: How Available is it?
Are the ACCC's Merger Guidelines Too Strict?
ARL v Super League: What Does It Mean for Sporting Organisations?
Assessing Commercial Losses in Private Trade Practices Litigation
Australian Trade Practices and the Emerging Role of Commercial Reality
Authorisation and the Trade Practices Act: More About Public Benefit
Authorisation: Is it Still Relevant to Australian Competition Law?
Belling the CAU: Finding a Substitute for 'Understandings' About Price
Beyond Transaction Cost Economics: Health Care Markets, Australian Health System Reform and Competition Policy
Book Review - European Merger Remedies - Law and Policy by Dorte Hoeg
Book Review - The Baseball Trust: A History of Baseball's Antitrust Exemption by Stuart Banner
Boral - Free at Last
Bringing Australian Merger Control into the Twenty-First Century by Incorporating Unilateral Effects
Bundled Discounting by the Dominant Firm: Views form the US in the Aftermath of LePage's
Bundling - A Telecommunications Perspective
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