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Volume 34 No 3 — April 2019
Competing priorities: standard practice or CAU: LTDC Pty Ltd v Cashflow Finance Australia Pty Ltd
Paper certificates of title abolished — the next step toward a digital land registry in Queensland
A lodger’s obligations when lodging a caveat in PEXA: Guirgis v JEA Developments Pty Ltd
A clash of two inconsistent rights: Greencapital Aust Pty Ltd v Pasminco Cockle Creek Smelter Pty Ltd (Subject to Deed of Company Arrangement)
Retail leases in Victoria — CB Cold Storage and Bulk Powders: when does the Retail Leases Act 2003 (Vic) apply?
Campbell v Hamilton: interpretation and easements
Volume 34 No 2 — February 2019
Termination of lease: was “reasonable notice” to remedy given?
Snapper Holdings Pty Ltd v Lentini: the application of Masters v Cameron in a testamentary dispute
Operation of the doctrine of part performance reaffirmed: a tale of family feud, three houses and one unwritten agreement
Compelling a co-owner to sign a client authorisation form under s 49 of the Property Law Act 1958 (Vic) to enable settlement under a contract of sale
Volume 34 No 1 — January 2019
Agree to disagree: consideration and adjustments for lease incentives
Deposits and termination: CPPIB Credit Investments Inc v Ren and Budiyanto v KPI 6 Pty Ltd
The circumstances in which a retail landlord can withhold consent to a lease assignment: Re Bar Machiavelli Pty Ltd (Admin Apptd)
Volume 33 No 10 — November 2018
Cladding rectification agreements under Pt 8B of the Local Government Act 1989
Roads and Maritime Services v Desane Properties Pty Ltd
Scudooda Pty Ltd v K&E Property Pty Ltd
Volume 33 No 9 — October 2018
Contaminated contractual interpretations: contaminated land and contaminated warranties in REIQ contracts
Tripple A Pty Ltd v WIN Television Qld Pty Ltd
Appeal: Hyder v McGrath Sales Pty Ltd
Mortgages and cheques: recovering a debt acquired from the original financier and recovering interest until a cheque payment clears
Volume 33 No 8 — September 2018
Alleged non-service of notice exercising option to renew lease fails
The perils of drafting: United Petroleum Pty Ltd v Bousaleh and Ideal Business Centres Pty Ltd v Violin Holdings Pty Ltd atf Violin Investment Trust
Standard land contract in Queensland goes digital
Restrictive covenant requiring seller consent to solar panels struck down in Queensland
Combustible cladding: building owners’ disclosure obligations
Volume 33 No 7 — August 2018
1110 Hay Pty Ltd as trustee for Hay Street Trust v Metso Minerals (Australia) Ltd (No 3)
Refusal of lessor approval required by lessee during term of lease
Agtan Pty Ltd v Caltex Australia Petroleum Pty Ltd
Good husbandry under spotlight in the vineyard: interpretation of obligations in vineyard leases
An “outstanding contribution”: Body Corporate for Mount Saint John Industrial Park Community Title Scheme 18632 v Superior Stairs and Joinery Pty Ltd
Volume 33 No 6 — July 2018
Novation by conduct — good fortune for Park Cho: Fu Tian Fortune Pty Ltd v Park Cho Pty Ltd
A reasonable approach to consent: how relevant is the lease?
The juice was not worth the squeeze: non-disclosure during lease negotiation falls short of misleading and deceptive conduct
Hillam v JPSF Pty Ltd
Edge Development Group Pty Ltd v Jack Road Investments Pty Ltd
Volume 33 No 5 — June 2018
A good call on a good call — a pragmatic approach to exercising a call option: Hills Central Pty Ltd v Hagerty
A tale of two cities: attempts to regulate Airbnb occupants in strata schemes in Sydney and Melbourne
No compliance? No commission! — Advisory Services Pty Ltd (t/as Ray White St Albans) v Augustin (by her litigation guardian Baczyk)
Burns v Corbett: are tribunals courts? — the relevance of history in judicial interpretation
Nice Place Property Management Ltd v Paterson
Volume 33 No 4 — May 2018
Effect of consolidation of lots on existing easements: Plumpton Park Developments Pty Ltd v SAS Trustee Corp
Hyder v McGrath Sales Pty Ltd
Validity of easement for parking purposes unsuccessfully challenged
Huang v Ceylan
The importance of precision in contract drafting
Volume 33 No 3 — April 2018
Owners Strata Plan No 57164 v Yau
Pike v Tighe: do development conditions run with the land and bind subsequent owners?
Incorrect planning certificates: it’s a Highland to cross to prove council negligence
Volume 33 No 2 — March 2018
Yang v Hapisun Pty Ltd
Airbnb’s under fire in Estens v Owners Corporation SP 11825
Perpetual Ltd v Myer Pty Ltd
Anascot Pty Ltd v Alcoa of Australia Ltd
Volume 33 No 1 — February 2018
Disclosing land on the Contaminated Land Register or the Environmental Management Register in Queensland: is uploading a search result in a data room sufficient?
Upside Property Group Pty Ltd v Tekin
New withholding obligation for buyers of “new residential” property
Resolving GST ambiguity: A & A Property Developers Pty Ltd v MCCA Asset Management Ltd
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