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Australian Product Liability Reporter (newsletter)
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Volume 28 No 1 — December 2017
Autonomous vehicles: insurance and product liability implications on land and on the high seas
Medical device innovation: impact of the new European regulations
Volume 27 No 10 — October 2017
CJEU decision under the Product Liability Directive: national courts given a wide discretion in deciding what claimants have to do to prove defect and causation
Liability articulated: French Supreme Court clarifies product liability regime applicability
Investigating defective products under the UK’s Consumer Protection Act 1987
The Consumer Protection Act revisited — new light on defective products
Volume 27 No 8-9 — January 2017
“Brexit” and the EU: the future of European standards in the UK in a post-referendum world
Prescription drugs in Australia: an overview of the regulatory regime and the areas of anticipated reform
Volume 27 No 7 — October 2016
Unfair contract terms and their application to small business contracts
Update on the planned European regulation on conflict minerals: compromise reached among the European institutions
For sugar, the times they are a changing
Volume 27 No 5-6 — September 2016
PROSAFE Market Surveillance Meeting and Workshop held in Slovenia
European Chemicals Agency releases report on the safety improvements and challenges in EU chemicals legislation
Special product liability regime or general liability regime? You can’t have it both ways
Keeping consumer claims out of court: cooperation, conciliation and cost cutting?
Blue Guide 2016: catching up with online retail and introducing greater market surveillance
Volume 27 No 4 — June 2016
The future direction of driverless cars in the UK
Developments in United States consumer class actions
Back to basics: managing supply chain risk from an Australian product liability perspective
Volume 27 No 3 — May 2016
UK’s consumer product recall system: review finally released
Part 36 offers: genuine attempt to settle or disguised request for total capitulation?
European Commission releases annual report on dangerous product notifications
The “Internet of Things” phenomenon and what it means for product liability
The adoption of international standards in domestic regulations — regulatory harmonisation on the global policy agenda
Volume 27 No 2 — April 2016
Mass torts
Ecodesign and energy efficiency labeling — legal risks of non-compliance
A safe harbor for now — product liability risk exposure stemming from human rights abuses in supply chains
European Commission launches online dispute resolution platform
Crackdown on claims culture?
Volume 27 No 1 — March 2016
Update on the European Food Information Regulation and a first judgment on nutrient value labelling
Disclosure obligation along the supply chain for “conflict minerals”: will there soon be a European “Dodd-Frank Act”?
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