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Volume 34 No 10 — January 2019
Hamersley Iron: the next chapter
Sellers’ retention of title under the PPSA Review: will PMSI “cross-collateralisation” level the playing field or skew the balance?
Responsible lending update: ASIC v Westpac Banking Corp
General Editor’s note
Volume 34 No 9 — November 2018
Painting with the same brush? Avoiding some pitfalls in compliance with privacy regulations between EMEA and APAC
From breach to remediation — what is taking financial firms so long?
PMSI priority under the PPSA
Farming operation: a definition in search of a rationale?
General Editor’s note
Volume 34 No 8 — October 2018
Parts 2 and 3: 28th Annual Informa Credit Law Conference (5 to 7 September 2018) — Days 2 and 3
Part 1: 28th Annual Informa Credit Law Conference (5 to 7 September 2018) — Day 1
What banking and finance lawyers need to know about the proposed regulation to extend SuperStream to all SMSFs
The “divisible guarantee” and the scope of the “provable debt”
Westpac’s $35 million fine — has the first domino fallen for responsible lending penalties?
General Editor’s note
Volume 34 No 7 — September 2018
Fintechs receive Code of Lending Practice
The sole purpose test substantially clarified by the Full Federal Court in Aussiegolfa Pty Ltd (Trustee) v Cmr of Taxation
Are reverse mortgages helping or hindering older Australians?
General Editor’s note
Volume 34 No 6 — August 2018
Taking and enforcing security over cryptocurrency
Retention of title, the PPSA and unfair preferences: something for everyone?
ASK THE EXPERT: Top 5 things a banking and finance lawyer should know about P2P lending
General Editor’s note
Volume 34 No 5 — July 2018
Transparency required when undertaking data analytics on personal information
Inferred contractual terms: Uren v Uren
Greater clarity around responsible lending on the way
General Editor’s note
Volume 34 No 4 — June 2018
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd v Laing O’Rourke Australia Construction Pty Ltd
Forging practical PPSA perspectives: the circulating security interest and the circulating asset concepts in action
Farm Debt Mediation Act 1994 (NSW): a different landscape
General Editor’s note
Volume 34 No 3 — May 2018
Preserving privilege in internal investigations
Dodging disqualification: considering contemporary issues with the s 206 power
Gogetta Equipment Funding Pty Ltd v Mark & Liz Pty Ltd
General Editor’s note
Volume 34 No 2 — April 2018
Book review: Ong on Rectification
Book review: Leading Cases in Contract Law
Analysing the Amerind appeal: the application of statutory priority regimes and the employees of trading trusts no longer dealing with a “man of straw”
Closing the deal on open banking
Joint bank accounts, the resulting trust and other questions
General Editor’s note
Volume 34 No 1 — March 2018
Cracking the code: bringing initial coin offerings and decentralised autonomous organisations within the Australian corporate law framework
AllPAAP punctured: PMSI triumph over Kawasaki motorcycles —Allied Distribution Finance Pty Ltd v Samwise Holdings Pty Ltd
Kiriwina Investment Co Pty Ltd v Green Lees Developments Pty Ltd
When is a bank guarantee not a guarantee?
General Editor’s note
Volume 33 No 10 — January 2018
Book review: Sackville & Neave Australian Property Law 10th edn
Equitable charge, caveatable interest and other security issues
When is a bailment a PPS lease under the PPSA?
PPSA — what difference does it make? (Part 2)
Australian Securities and Investments Commission v Westpac Banking Corp
General Editor’s note
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