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Privacy Law Bulletin (newsletter)
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Volume 14 No 8 — October 2017
Additional privacy requirements for Australian organisations under EU privacy laws
Children’s right to be forgotten
Privacy and parentage: developments in Victoria and South Australia
Cloud-based hosting of personal details and the implications for Australian businesses
Volume 14 No 7 — September 2017
Between “Heaven mode” and “Hell”: Uber’s use of big data puts users in a purgatory of certainty around privacy issues
The data breach notification scheme is coming in early 2018
Shifting the focus: Productivity Commission recommends transformative changes to data availability, use and protection in Australia
Cyborg privacy — a calm before a storm?
Volume 14 No 6 — August 2017
The Hanson Card — neither necessary nor viable
Let’s get personal: the effect of the Federal Court’s interpretation of “personal information” and the OAIC’s response
When can a disclosure in relation to a health care practitioner’s registration be a breach of privacy? What is lawful collection and lawful disclosure? The hazards of incorrectly redacting a document and the requirement to provide access to personal information “without excessive delay or expense” — AIN v Medical Council of New South Wales
Managing biometric information: the future is in the palm of your hands (and in your fingerprints, your iris and your facial features)
Volume 14 No 5 — July 2017
Privacy and anti-spam laws in the cross-device tracking landscape
Fundamentals of privacy law; ensuring your business is compliant
Time to get off cloud 9 and start thinking about privacy
Workers and wearable devices — privacy and workplace surveillance implications
Volume 14 No 4 — June 2017
Health care and the cloud — a prescription for complexity
The clouds have eyes — protecting privacy in the drone age
The civil implications of the crime of revenge porn
Volume 14 No 3 — May 2017
Updating the Information Privacy Act 2009 (Qld)
CASA’s new drone regulations highlight the need for more robust privacy laws in Australia
Online comments and contempt
Privacy Commissioner v Telstra Corp Ltd
Volume 14 No 2 — March 2017
Big Brother is definitely watching you, but who is watching Big Brother?
Do you have a right to privacy?
Privacy as a human right
Volume 14 No 1 — February 2017
Changes to the ACT civil surveillance regime
Privacy in the digital era: the case for reform
Former protection visa applicants affected by serious data breach not denied procedural fairness
Interview with Moira Paterson, Professor of Law at Monash University
Volume 13 No 10 — October 2016
ALRC report into serious invasions of privacy in the digital era — a statutory tort of invasion of privacy
This is a recording: can employers prevent workplace conversations being taped?
Smile — you’re on candid camera! How advances in video surveillance technology present privacy compliance issues for Australian businesses
Recent domestic and European developments impacting access to personal information
Interview with David Watts, Commissioner for Privacy and Data Protection Victoria
Volume 13 No 9 — September 2016
Why small businesses should be serious about privacy law compliance
The Golden Key to your information
NSW case law update May to July 2016
Beyond the Privacy Act: spotlight on state and territory based legislation imposing greater obligations on private health services providers
“What can I help you with?”: privacy and the digital assistant
Volume 13 No 8 — August 2016
A series on the digitisation of medical information Part 2: the laws of digitised medicine
Case note: Cogan v Velkovski
Privacy dispute concerning accuracy and correction of medical records
How the APPs fail to protect private information held by agencies
Volume 13 No 7 — July 2016
Big data does drive the smart car! Or does it?
The Internet of Things and Australian privacy law
Will NSW enact a statutory action for invasions of privacy?
Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy — support for privacy compliance programs
Interview with the Honourable Michael Kirby AC CMG
Volume 13 No 6 — June 2016
Mandatory data breach notification in Australia: lessons learnt from international implementation
NSW case law update February to April 2016
The family court and privacy
Managing online complaints (and more): important reminders from the Freelancer privacy determination
Responding to revenge pornography
Volume 13 No 5 — May 2016
Wearable devices and privacy
NSW taking the lead on a tort of privacy
Designing mobile applications — advising your client on privacy considerations
Data sharing and regulatory creep
Client legal privilege under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (NSW)
Volume 13 No 4 — April 2016
Big data and the Internet of Things — an ethical form for privacy? (Part II)
Mandatory reporting for serious data breaches
Aggravated damages for privacy breaches
2016: The year of privacy?
Are privacy rights now compensable? The effect of Vidal-Hall and a global update
Digital files as property: a curious case in New Zealand
Note to Subscribers
Volume 13 No 3 — March 2016
Big data and the Internet of Things — an ethical form for privacy? Fact and fiction (Part I)
My Health Record — will it really be “mine”?
Series on digitised medicine: assessing the benefits and limitations of electronic health
NSW case law update November 2015 to January 2016
A national identity hub? The Privacy Impact Assessment for the National Facial Biometric Matching Scheme
Volume 13 No 2 — February 2016
Putting the “personal” into personal information
The other street view: spatial privacy, harassment and health services
NSW case law update August-October 2015
Privacy in the drone era: applying the Privacy Act to new technologies
The Ashley Madison affair: spotlight on cyber hacking and Australian privacy law
A series on the digitisation of medical informationPart 1: electronic health records in Australia, recent changes
Volume 13 No 1 — January 2016
The OAIC’s guide to privacy regulatory action
Procedural fairness, data breach and asylum seekers
Phone numbers to remain on Do Not Call Registry indefinitely
Is anywhere safe? What are the privacy risks for overseas data transfers from Australia in light of the invalidation of the US-EU Safe Harbor framework?
Some turbulence ahead for the EU Passenger Name Record Directive
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