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Australian Construction Law Bulletin (newsletter)
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Volume 29 No 1 — April 2017
Is there any benefit in pleading the benefits derived in a quantum meruit claim?
Lewence Construction: the end of the last chance cash grab for insolvent contractors?
Interpretation of construction contracts: the latest from the NSWCA
Volume 28 No 9-10 — March 2017
2016’s yuletide judgments on security of payment: gifts that will keep on giving in 2017?
The federal government review of security of payment legislation
Supreme Court of Victoria expresses a preference for technology in civil litigation
Innovation nation: eTendering in the age of innovation
Volume 28 No 7&8 — January 2017
Performance bonds: is an error in the beneficiary’s details fatal to its efficacy?
Dealing with (nearly) insolvent subcontractors
A case of not unreasonable dissent: Ainsworth v Albrecht
Security of payment and the insolvent claimant — Façade Treatment Engineering Pty Ltd (in liq) v Brookfield Multiplex Constructions Pty Ltd
A work in progress: the Construction Contracts Amendment Act 2016 — improvements to operation and effectiveness of the act, but no major reforms
Volume 28 No 5-6 — October 2016
Valuable valuations — an important role for adjudicators under security of payment legislation
Certificates of practical completion — is consistency the key?
Do you need to tender in good faith?
Beyond bank fees: what does Paciocco v ANZ mean for liquidated damages provisions in construction contracts?
The risks of not commenting on draft expert reports — Thiess Pty Ltd v Dobbins Contracting Pty Ltd
Predictive coding: where will it fit in the Australian litigation landscape?
Volume 28 No 3-4 — August 2016
Call for submissions — proposed changes to the SA SOP Act
Book review
Can a respondent stop the adjudication process before it has begun? The Victorian Supreme Court says “yes”!
Building confidence — adjudications under the Construction Contracts Act 2004 (WA) Laing O’Rourke Australia Construction Pty Ltd v Samsung C&T Corp [2016] WASCA 130
Disputed variations — clarity has arrived, but is the construction industry any better off? SSC Plenty Road Pty Ltd v Construction Engineering (Aust) Pty Ltd [2016] VSCA 119
Project bank accounts: will the construction industry embrace or reject this new approach to security of payment?
The role of equity in security of payment: a consideration of the role of extended or Anshun estoppel
Volume 28 No 2 — June 2016
New building bond and post completion inspection regime for strata developments
Resolving and valuing disputed variation claims under BCIPA in Victoria
2016 Domestic Building Legislation Amendments: Pt 1 — mandatory conciliation
Volume 28 No 1 — May 2016
Suspicious minds: dealing with statutory declarations in the context of security of payment
Fraud, preconditions to progress payments and the right to set-off: Hutchison v Glavcom
Let’s get our Act together: the case for harmonising security of payment laws
Volume 27 No 10 — April 2016
“Quick and dirty” adjudication; it is quick but there is a limit to how dirty
Contractors face uphill battle restraining security calls
Security of payment — when a dispute resolution procedure is not a “method for resolving disputes”: SSC Plenty Road Pty Ltd v Construction Engineering (Aust) Pty Ltd
Drafting effective expert determination clauses
Volume 27 No 8-9 — January 2016
Third parties in arbitration — in or out?
A reference point to reference dates:entitlement to payment claims following termination of construction contracts
Are expert determinations reviewable? Australian Vintage Ltd v Belvino Investments No 2 Pty Ltd
The 2015 NSW Government Policy on Aboriginal Participation in Construction — what it means for construction projects and how does it differ from the 2007 Guidelines
AS11000: will the construction industry embrace or reject the new approach to dispute avoidance?
More than mere misconstruction of a Construction Contract — Laing O'Rourke Australia Construction Pty Ltd v Samsung C & T Corp1
Design life warranties and fitness for purpose in construction contracts: the position in Australia and England
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