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150 Years On: The Torrens Compensation Provisions in the 'Last Resort' Jurisdictions
A Broken Record: Amending and Removing Registrations on the PPSA
A Comment on Undue Harassment and Unconscionability - Linkage that Will See Private Vendor of Residential Real Estate Subject to Greater Obligations!
A Common Law Doctrine of Suspension of Native Title? - Part 1
A Common Law Doctrine of Suspension of Native Title? - Part 2
A Comparative Approach to the Torrens Title System
A dedicated Means of Giving Notice of the Existence of Unregistered Interests under Torrens
A Different Perspective on Defects in Title and Quality
A Forfeiture Act for Western Australia?
A Landlord's Liability To Repair
'A Law Which Favours Forgers'? Land Fraud in Two Torrens Jurisdictions
A Mortgagor's Remedies Against a Mortgagee for the Improper Exercise of the Power of Sale: You Can't Always Get What You Want
A Mortgagor's Right to Approach the Court
A Need for National Regulation on Property Investment Advice and Marketeering - Suggestions Put Forward
A New South Wales Perspective on Implied and Prescriptive Easements and the Rights in Personam Exception to Indefeasibility of Title
A Period of Transition: Ch 9 of the Personal Property Securities Act 2009
A Possible Consumption Tax and the Drafting of Leases
A Prohibition on Rent-Bidding: Consumer Benefit or Consumer Burden?
A Relational Theory of Property
A Study in Consumer Protection: A Historical Analysis of The Sale of Land Act (Vic) 1962
Abolition of Duplicate Certificate of Title
Access to Neighbouring Land Act 2000 (NSW): Case of Overstepping Boundaries?
Accounting for Risk: The Advent of Capped Conveyancing Title Insurance
Acquiring the Castle: The Nature of Compensable Interests in Land
Acting for the Buyer of Undeveloped Land
Addressing Past Wrongs: Dispossession & Restitution of Land in South Africa
Advancement, Illegality and Restitution
Adverse Possession and Human Rights: The Last Act in JA Pye (Oxford) Ltd v United Kingdom
Adverse Possession, Prescription and their Reform in Australian Law
Aligning Sustainability and the Torrens Register: Challenges and Recommendations for Reform
'All Good Things Must Come to An End': Terminating Co-Ownership Under the 'Old' Partition and Sale Rules
Almost a Decade on - A (Reid) Report Card on Retail Leasing
An Analysis of the Differences between the Doctrine of Undue Influence
Anti-Shevill Clauses and Statutory Protection of Tenants From Forefeiture - Case Note; Gumland Property Holdings Pty Ltd v Duffy Bros Fruit Market
Antonio Guiseppina Ensabella & Sons Pty Ltd v Players On Downunder Pty Ltd
Application of Limitation by Analogy: Equity Exceptions
Are All Torrens Transactions Equal? A Focus on the Efficiency of the Indefeasibility Accorded to Torrens Mortgages
Are High Interest Rates in Mortgages a Penalty?
Argyll Stores in the High Court
Assignment of Lease: A New Lease or Continuation of an Existing Lease?
Assignments of Non-Retail Commercial Leases - Some Contentious Issues
Attorney-General v Brown and the Development of Property Law in Australia
Avoiding Responsibility for Misleading Brochures - Is it Simply a Matter of Disclaimers?
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