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Australian Environment review (newsletter)
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Volume 32 No 8 — November 2017
Preventing death by fossil fuels: Australia’s responsibility under the World Heritage Convention to reduce its contributions to climate change to protect the Great Barrier Reef
Biosecurity — one year on
The changing face of planning approval compliance in New South Wales
Volume 32 No 7 — October 2017
Improving agricultural productivity and competitiveness by improving environmental regulation
Observations on the report of the South Australian parliamentary inquiry into biodiversity
Environmental protection under the Commonwealth Biosecurity Act
Towards effective agri-environmental governance in Australia
Volume 32 No 6 — September 2017
Legal rights for rivers: what does this actually mean?
Not my job! Identifying the person who contravened a condition of an NSW environment protection licence
Federal budget 2017–18: what it means for the environment, renewable energy and climate change?
Case note: Ned Ritan Design v The Corp of the City of Adelaide
Case note: Western Australian Planning Commission v Southregal Pty Ltd
Volume 32 No 5 — August 2017
Thinking through Finkel — does the blueprint get a green light?
Case note: Ku-ring-gai Council v West as delegate of Acting Director-General, Office of Local Government
Building an ecologically healthy and socially just economic system: the New Economy Network Australia
Climate risk and financial sector regulation in Australia
Volume 32 No 4 — July 2017
Built to last? Lessons for sustainable development in the North from the National Partnership Agreement on Remote Indigenous Housing (NPARIH)
Environment and planning issues in Western Australia pre- and post- the 2017 state election
Aboriginal heritage protection in Australia: trends and challenges
The Sioux’s Dakota Access Pipeline protest: lessons from abroad
Regional Forest Agreements: limitations and current opportunities
McGlade — when an area ILUA is no ILUA at all
Volume 32 No 3 — June 2017
Atmospheric trust litigation: a postscript
ExxonMobil’s climate change disclosure woes
Climate litigation: a view from the UK
Urgenda-style climate litigation has promise in Australia
Temperatures rise in the boardroom: climate litigation in the commercial arena
US fossil fuel companies facing legal action for misleading disclosure of climate risks: could it happen in Australia?
Climate change litigation issue: introduction
Volume 32 No 2 — May 2017
Ecological governance and the development plan for Northern Australia
Case note: Millers Point Fund Inc v Lendlease (Millers Point) Pty Ltd
NSW planning system to evolve under broad reforms proposed by the NSW Government
The Finkel Electricity Review — no easy answers for energy security in the age of climate change
Volume 32 No 1 — April 2017
Changes to environmental regulation of petroleum activities: NT reforms under the microscope
Can the Fitzroy River Declaration ensure the realisation of the First Laws of the River and secure sustainable and equitable futures for the West Kimberley?
Case note: Rrumburriya Borroloola Claim Group v Northern Territory of Australia
The Northern Territory’s environmental assessment laws — development, land rights and the entanglements of history
Breaking new ground(water): the future of water law in the Northern Territory
Why northern Australia and why now?
Volume 31 No 10 — January 2017
Case note: Minister Administering the Mineral Resources Development Act 1995 v Tarkine National Coalition Inc
The ALRC Freedoms Inquiry, real property and environmental law
Climate change is water change: integrating water management, mitigation and adaptation laws and policies
Do the Australian Government’s “Engage Early” guidelines achieve the bio-cultural community protocol standard of “protecting the ‘space within’”?1
Adding a green focus: The Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court highlights the “environment” in case selection and prioritisation
Marine protected areas in a blue economy — challenges for Oceans Policy
Volume 31 No 9 — December 2016
Case note: Coast and Country Association of Queensland Inc v Smith
Case note: Secretary, Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment v Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre Incorporated
Case note: The Wilderness Society South Australia Inc v Department of the Environment (Freedom of information)
The Canterbury earthquakes 2010–11 — selected legal issues
Insurance and flooding — issues for domestic and small business property owners
Natural disasters: designing services to respond to legal need
Volume 31 No 8 — November 2016
Negotiating “one-stop shop” reforms: Commonwealth-state relations and the public interest
Taxing environmental advocacy: the inquiry into the Register of Environmental Organisations
Failed changes to Queensland’s vegetation clearing laws: implications for climate change, the Great Barrier Reef and Australian environmental policy
Marine Parks Act 2007 (SA): how effective is it?
The 37-year fight: resolution of the Kenbi Aboriginal land claim
Restorative justice for environmental crime: an antipodean experience
Volume 31 No 7 — October 2016
Case note: Australian Conservation Foundation Inc v Minister for the Environment
Case note: People for the Plains Inc v Santos NSW (Eastern) Pty Ltd
Information Commissioner directs release of information on seal and dolphin deaths
Atmospheric Trust Litigation in Washington State: advocating for a constitutional right to a stable climate for the young and future generations
Safeguarding advocacy on behalf of the environment
The politics of public interest environmental litigation: lawfare in Australia
Differing conceptions of environmental democracy in New Zealand resource management law
Australian environmental democracy and the rule of law — thoughts from APEEL
Democracy, environmental justice and a clash of world views
Volume 31 No 6 — September 2016
Save Beeliar Wetlands (Inc) v Jacob: a postscript
Case note: Esposito v Commonwealth
Unbundling Western Australian water licences
The establishment of a radioactive waste facility in South Australia: the need for free, prior and informed consent
“Righting the wrongs”: environmental law reform and revolving door politics in Queensland
Air pollution and health — how regulatory failures are impacting the health of Australians
Environmental governance challenges in post-Brexit Europe: the case of water charging in Ireland
Putting and keeping a price on carbon in the Australian federal system: an explainer
Volume 31 No 5 — August 2016
Case note: Ure v Commonwealth
Kimberley conservation threatens to take a step back on Indigenous rights
What’s the catch? Aboriginal cultural fishing on the NSW South Coast
NSW Coastal Law Reform: a preliminary analysis
The Aotearoa New Zealand Foreshore and Seabed Debate: an update
Fit for purpose: England’s revised approach to fishing in marine protected areas
Historic UN talks could save the high seas
The other Timorese maritime boundary — Timor Leste and Indonesia
Volume 31 No 4 — August 2016
Case note: Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre Inc v Secretary, Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (No 2)
A review of the recent amendments to the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1988 (SA)
Review of the Victorian EPA — what may change?
The future of water reform in Australia — starting a conversation
Negotiating EPBC Act Approvals — an industry perspective
What does the Paris Agreement and the 2016 Federal Election mean for Australia’s climate policy?
Microbeads as a subset of marine plastic pollution: legal and regulatory issues
Prosecutions under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (NSW) — the new regime
Standing up for standing
Volume 31 No 3 — July 2016
Case note: Community Action for Windsor Bridge Inc v NSW Roads and Maritime Services
Case note: Humane Society International Inc v Kyodo Senpaku Kaisha Ltd
Policy compatibility — car parking and sustainable development
Save Beeliar Wetlands (Inc) v Jacob and the importance of documenting policy considerations
Biodiversity Conservation Reforms in the West: a momentous step forward?
Complex major industrial uses, community engagement and environmental issues — challenges of planning for ports in Queensland
Protesting the anti-protest laws: will a constitutional challenge succeed?
The National Wind Farm Commissioner — does this represent a balanced approach to onshore energy concerns?
The fossil fuel divestment movement
Volume 31 No 2 — June 2016
Case note: Friends of Tumblebee Inc v ATB Morton Pty Ltd (No 2)
How important is access to daylight for apartments?
World Heritage Committee keeps up the pressure on Australia to deliver on promises
The critical election: clean energy, global warming and environmental policies of the Australian Greens
Labor’s priorities for Australia’s environment
Environmental policies of the Australian Liberal Party
Australian Environmental Law — its historical and current political context
Volume 31 No 1 — May 2016
Stand and be counted: climate change mitigation action and the Urgenda case
Personal carbon trading and Australia’s future emissions reduction policy mix
Wither carbon capture and storage: what do recent developments in Australia suggest about its future?
The new Sustainable Development Goals — global action for people and planet
COP21: Complexity, diversity and agreement
Volume 30 No 9-10 — April 2016
WA releases new metering policy: measuring the taking of water
The Sustainable Ports Development Act 2015 (Qld): a balancing Act between port efficiency and international pressures
Overhaul of NSW Environmentally Hazardous Chemicals Legislation
Release of the Guidelines for the Economic Assessment of Mining and Coal Seam Gas Proposals in NSW
Rebalancing act: NSW Government removes resource significance provisions of mining policy
The rise of economics in major project litigation
How evaluations of coal projects go wrong, and how they might be improved
Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services — a major market failure
Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) and the cost-effectiveness principle
Obstacles in developing and implementing biodiversity markets: an overview
Environmental economic valuation in merits review
Volume 30 No 8 — February 2016
Case Note: Marsh v Baxter
If it’s broke, fix it!The Northern Territory’s shambolic environmental assessment laws: The Port Melville experience
Improving enforcement of water access rights in Western Australia: enhancing civil enforcement
Watertight or watered down? An update on water law reform in Western Australia
Are we there yet? Proposed reforms to planning law in Queensland
When is a plan not a plan? A new vision for the nation’s capital.
Costs in the merits review jurisdictions of the Land and Environment Court of NSW
One-Stop Shop for environmental approvals — release of the draft conditions policy
Lost in time: the missing temporality of environmental law
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