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Volume 21 No 2 — April 2017
Game over — Valve ordered to pay $3 million for consumer law breaches
Competition risks in high technology industries
Would I lie to you? Making ads distinguishable
Consumer guarantees 101: lessons from recent Australian Competition and Consumer Commission enforcement actions
ACCC identifies enforcement priorities for 2017
Reform of competition laws in 2017
“Who are my competitors?” — and other questions to navigate after the High Court’s decision in Australian Competition and Consumer Commission v Flight Centre Travel Group Ltd
General Editor’s note
Volume 21 No 1 — March 2017
In Short — latest developments and updates
Whistleblower protections in corporate Australia: issues, developments and best practices
Cautionary tales — ethical issues for lawyers arising from the use of social media
Gifts and hospitality: don’t entertain anti-bribery and corruption risks
Can in-house counsel be held liable for their employer’s sins? Accessorial liability under the Fair Work Act
General Editor’s note
Volume 20 No 9-10 — December 2016
Year end survival tips — from lifestyle retreat to your desk
ACCC enforcement action in 2016 — some highlights
Data accessibility and use: the Productivity Commission’s radical reform proposal
Important changes to how you conduct IP litigation are now in force
Legal professional privilege and deregistered companies: who holds the right to claim?
Businesses’ responsibilities to respect human rights — the UN’s Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights
Volume 20 No 8 — October 2016
When the wet paint is protected by copyright
Don’t be a “dudded principal” — insolvent subcontractors in construction contracts and the risks arising from proportionate liability legislation
Paciocco and penalties: where are we up to?
Apportion with caution: proportionate liability post-Selig v Wealthsure and tips on contracting out of proportionate liability
Some novel issues in managing and resolving class actions
Anti-bribery and corruption still on the agenda
Volume 20 No 7 — August 2016
Insurance fundamentals for in-house counsel
Causation in shareholder claims — some clarity provided but still not crystal clear
Unlocking the essentials of effective collaboration
Adblocking — the great disruptor
General Editor’s note
Volume 20 No 6 — July 2016
Colgate fined $18 million for its part in laundry detergent cartel
Counting down to 12 November: some tips on how to identify potentially unfair contract terms
Launched anything into space lately? Regulation of space activities in Australia
Under lock and key: facing challenges and opportunities in preventing and protecting against cyber risks
Encouraging innovation through insolvency law reform
Blockchain: small talk or big deal?
General Editor’s note
Volume 20 No 5 — June 2016
What are the current issues in consumer law? A snapshot of recent ACCC action and priorities
Preparing for the extension of the unfair terms regime to small business — some practical issues
Influencing effectively across cultures
Build your legal practice or grow your career through LinkedIn
“Great boards of fire!”: Hoverboards and the ACCC’s interim ban
A practical guide to sponsorship agreements
General Editor’s note
Volume 20 No 4 — May 2016
PT Thiess Contractors Indonesia v PT Arutmin Indonesia
Uber: lessons on liability and risks for corporates
Environmental assessments for major projects
Responding to fraud: a practical checklist for general counsel
A reference point to reference dates: entitlement to payment claims following termination of construction contracts
Drafting to avoid fragmented multi-party dispute resolution
Using brain science to create high performance at work and home
General Editor’s note
Volume 20 No 3 — April 2016
Know your limits: the case of the quickly depleted D&O insurance policy liability cap and the director left exposed
Knock for knock clauses — don’t knock yourself out
The casual conundrum
Pre-employment checks: what is allowable?
Dealing with environmental and health and safety incidents
Illegal trade in wildlife — an Australian perspective to a global environmental crisis
Risk management in Australian property transactions: an environment and planning checklist
General Editor’s note
Volume 20 No 1-2 — March 2016
Competition issues in the procurement process
Personal data transfers from Europe: implications of the European Court of Justice Safe Harbour decision
Recent capital markets trends and developments — snapshot of 2015: a sign of things to come?
The in-house interview
Am I copyright or am I design? Mental gymnastics, even for lawyers
Comparative advertising: beware when comparing apples with oranges
The role of self-regulation in developing brand authenticity
Australia’s foreign investment regime: framework reform
General Editor’s note
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