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Volume 21 No 10 — December 2017
Waiver of legal professional privilege
Practical legal drafting
High Court to determine employer’s duties during workplace investigations
Redundancies — practical tips and update for in-house counsel
Adverse action — 2017 update
Considerations for employers in the “gig economy” era
Performance management process and termination of employment — a practical guide
Who’s watching? Managing workplace surveillance technologies
General Editor’s note
Volume 21 No 8&9 — November 2017
The stormy journey into the safe harbour: recent reforms in Australian insolvency law
Preparing for Australia’s anti-slavery mandatory reporting requirements: what in-house counsel need to know
Broadband for all: an update on the Productivity Commission’s review of the Telecommunications Universal Service Obligation
Concerted practices — guidance from abroad?
There’s a glitch in the matrix — the application of consumer guarantees to the IoT
Current trends in property development
General Editor’s note
Volume 21 No 7 — September 2017
Expert evidence — the hot tub method versus traditional cross-examination
Collateral contracts, weak warranties and the risk of a handshake on the side
Damages for breach of contract — updates and considerations for in-house counsel
Directors’ and officers’ indemnities: key components and practical tips
Consequential loss — drafting tips and reminders from current case law
General Editor’s note
Volume 21 No 6 — August 2017
A new data strategy for the digital world
What regtech means for in-house counsel (and their regulators)
The benefits and risks of cybersecurity information sharing
A security by any other name: initial coin offerings and legal issues around blockchain fund raisings
Privacy in the Cloud: impact of the new mandatory notifiable data breach scheme
Australian telecommunications reform front and centre
General Editor’s note
Volume 21 No 5 — July 2017
Alliances, PPPs and delivery partner contracts — general update and tips
Media buying: contracting tools to create transparency
404 error: cyber security for business
Caution: indemnity ahead — Court of Appeal overturns decision in favour of CSR in CSR Ltd v Adecco (Australia) Pty Ltd
FIRB 2017 — changes under Australia’s foreign investment regime
Who are you and how can you prove it? The evolving requirements for verification of identity rules
General Editor’s note
Volume 21 No 4 — June 2017
Building brand trust: in-house counsel must navigate risk and reward
Writing board papers
A refresher on unconscionability following Wu v Ling
Variation of contracts — practical guidance
General Editor’s note
Volume 21 No 3 — May 2017
Case management reforms in the Federal Court of Australia
Legal perils to avoid when using social networks
Increased penalties, a general safety law and complaints database among recommendations for consumer law reform
Defamation issues in the digital world
The ACCC’s 2017 compliance and enforcement priorities for consumers and small businesses
Moving with the times — the Productivity Commission’s Inquiry Report into Australia’s Intellectual Property Arrangements
Practical tips for trade mark registration
General Editor’s note
Volume 21 No 2 — April 2017
Game over — Valve ordered to pay $3 million for consumer law breaches
Competition risks in high technology industries
Would I lie to you? Making ads distinguishable
Consumer guarantees 101: lessons from recent Australian Competition and Consumer Commission enforcement actions
ACCC identifies enforcement priorities for 2017
Reform of competition laws in 2017
“Who are my competitors?” — and other questions to navigate after the High Court’s decision in Australian Competition and Consumer Commission v Flight Centre Travel Group Ltd
General Editor’s note
Volume 21 No 1 — March 2017
In Short — latest developments and updates
Whistleblower protections in corporate Australia: issues, developments and best practices
Cautionary tales — ethical issues for lawyers arising from the use of social media
Gifts and hospitality: don’t entertain anti-bribery and corruption risks
Can in-house counsel be held liable for their employer’s sins? Accessorial liability under the Fair Work Act
General Editor’s note
Volume 20 No 9-10 — December 2016
Year end survival tips — from lifestyle retreat to your desk
ACCC enforcement action in 2016 — some highlights
Data accessibility and use: the Productivity Commission’s radical reform proposal
Important changes to how you conduct IP litigation are now in force
Legal professional privilege and deregistered companies: who holds the right to claim?
Businesses’ responsibilities to respect human rights — the UN’s Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights
Volume 20 No 8 — October 2016
When the wet paint is protected by copyright
Don’t be a “dudded principal” — insolvent subcontractors in construction contracts and the risks arising from proportionate liability legislation
Paciocco and penalties: where are we up to?
Apportion with caution: proportionate liability post-Selig v Wealthsure and tips on contracting out of proportionate liability
Some novel issues in managing and resolving class actions
Anti-bribery and corruption still on the agenda
Volume 20 No 7 — August 2016
Insurance fundamentals for in-house counsel
Causation in shareholder claims — some clarity provided but still not crystal clear
Unlocking the essentials of effective collaboration
Adblocking — the great disruptor
General Editor’s note
Volume 20 No 6 — July 2016
Colgate fined $18 million for its part in laundry detergent cartel
Counting down to 12 November: some tips on how to identify potentially unfair contract terms
Launched anything into space lately? Regulation of space activities in Australia
Under lock and key: facing challenges and opportunities in preventing and protecting against cyber risks
Encouraging innovation through insolvency law reform
Blockchain: small talk or big deal?
General Editor’s note
Volume 20 No 5 — June 2016
What are the current issues in consumer law? A snapshot of recent ACCC action and priorities
Preparing for the extension of the unfair terms regime to small business — some practical issues
Influencing effectively across cultures
Build your legal practice or grow your career through LinkedIn
“Great boards of fire!”: Hoverboards and the ACCC’s interim ban
A practical guide to sponsorship agreements
General Editor’s note
Volume 20 No 4 — May 2016
PT Thiess Contractors Indonesia v PT Arutmin Indonesia
Uber: lessons on liability and risks for corporates
Environmental assessments for major projects
Responding to fraud: a practical checklist for general counsel
A reference point to reference dates: entitlement to payment claims following termination of construction contracts
Drafting to avoid fragmented multi-party dispute resolution
Using brain science to create high performance at work and home
General Editor’s note
Volume 20 No 3 — April 2016
Know your limits: the case of the quickly depleted D&O insurance policy liability cap and the director left exposed
Knock for knock clauses — don’t knock yourself out
The casual conundrum
Pre-employment checks: what is allowable?
Dealing with environmental and health and safety incidents
Illegal trade in wildlife — an Australian perspective to a global environmental crisis
Risk management in Australian property transactions: an environment and planning checklist
General Editor’s note
Volume 20 No 1-2 — March 2016
Competition issues in the procurement process
Personal data transfers from Europe: implications of the European Court of Justice Safe Harbour decision
Recent capital markets trends and developments — snapshot of 2015: a sign of things to come?
The in-house interview
Am I copyright or am I design? Mental gymnastics, even for lawyers
Comparative advertising: beware when comparing apples with oranges
The role of self-regulation in developing brand authenticity
Australia’s foreign investment regime: framework reform
General Editor’s note
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