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Insolvency Law Bulletin (newsletter)
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Volume 19 No 9 — November 2018
A case comment on Trends Publishing v Advicewise
Hamersley Iron: the next chapter
PMSI priority and refinancing: Samwise Holdings Pty Ltd v Allied Distribution Finance Pty Ltd
Editor’s corner
Volume 19 No 8 — October 2018
More phoenix hunting
An employee, contractor or de facto director? Challenge under the Fair Entitlements Guarantee Act
Section 440A of the Corporations Act: the changing landscape of “creditors’ best interests”
Editor’s corner
Volume 19 No 6&7 — September 2018
Want to improve your security interest’s psyche? Try applying for an extension of time!
Payments under retention of title arrangements and voidable preferences: 6 years on and now some clarity
Getting into the club: s 41 of the Registered Clubs Act as a barrier to timely external administration appointments
Termination orders in a well-advanced winding up
Sprouting the invalid appointment of a voluntary administrator
A new era in insolvency practitioner discipline
Recent developments in the funding of litigation by New Zealand liquidators
Cross-border insolvency law in Australia and shipping insolvencies: unique challenges or issues of wider significance?
Editors’ corner
Volume 19 No 5 — July 2018
Bibliography of Insolvency Law Bulletin articles
Mansfield and A committee convened under section 20-10 of the Insolvency Practice Schedule (Corporations): the AAT provides guidance on the new registration regime
Bodies everywhere — the role of professional bodies in regulating insolvency practitioners
A case comment on Talacko v Bennett
The Inspector-General refuses and the bankrupt loses: the AAT and review refusals
Editor’s corner
Volume 19 No 4 — June 2018
Practice note: de novo review of decisions made by Federal Court registrars — liquidators and bankruptcy trustees, be aware of potential exposure
Testing the limits of deeds of company arrangement
Implications of “safe harbour” for creditors following the Federal Court of Australia’s recent decision on applicability of s 553C to unfair preferences
Stone v Melrose Cranes & Rigging Pty Ltd, Re Cardinal Project Services Pty Ltd (in liq) (No 2): defences available to unfair preference claims include a set-off defence
Editor’s corner
Volume 19 No 3 — May 2018
Cross-border regulation of insolvency practitioners
Fish Man Ltd (in Liq) v Hadfield: booming house prices, disclaimed property and the limits of equitable tracing
White, Re Mossgreen Pty Ltd (Admin Apptd)
Editor’s corner
Volume 19 No 2 — April 2018
Liquidator’s loss of insolvent trading claim under s 588G(2): Mansfield v Townend
Getting back to Bis-ness: groundbreaking use of creditors’ schemes effects A$1.2 billion restructuring
PPSA ROTs: some practical considerations in insolvency
Trading trusts revisited in light of Amerind
Editor’s corner
Volume 19 No 1 — March 2018
Unfair preferences: Re Evolvebuilt Pty Ltd
The 45% gets some attention: Bankruptcy Amendment (Debt Agreement Reform) Bill 2018
Is the “rule against double proof” really not such a rule after all? Have we all got it terribly wrong?
Insolvency practitioners’ duties: Macks v Viscariello
Editor’s corner
Volume 18 No 10 — November 2017
Enforcement of director’s duties by liquidator in Re Central Management (NSW) Pty Ltd
Deleveraging to control
More compelling than TV? — the latest episode in the Network Ten administration
Reaching the safe harbour — an easy voyage for directors?
Editor’s corner
Volume 18 No 9 — October 2017
General Editor’s family law and insolvency reading list
Consent orders in the Family Court and unreasonable director-related transactions under s 588FDA of the Corporations Act 2001: D Pty Ltd (In Liq) v Calas (Trustee)
Impugning a binding financial agreement as an unreasonable director-related transaction
Bankruptcy and the world of family law
Presumably intent
Bankruptcy and family law — how, what and why
Bankruptcy and family law: oil and water still do not mix
Editor’s corner: special issue on family law and insolvency
Volume 18 No 8 — September 2017
General Editor’s reading list
Committees of inspection under the Insolvency Law Reform Act 2016
The Puerto Rico bankruptcy: an analysis
Voidable transaction powers and the recovery of payments made by a Ponzi scheme
Editor’s corner
Volume 18 No 7 — July 2017
Set-off rights extinguished by grant of security interest
Insolvency and notice in the millennial age
AFSA: using technology to make our insolvency services convenient, quicker and easier to use
The impact of artificial intelligence on the insolvency profession
Editor’s corner
Volume 18 No 6 — June 2017
Insolvency Law Reform Act: commencement and transitional provisions
Extensions of time to register on the PPSR: Re 4 in 1 Wyoming Pty Ltd
PPS leases get another makeover
Insolvent trading claim by creditor: Appellate Court guidance in Treloar Constructions Pty Ltd v McMillan
Revisiting the invalid appointment of administrators on grounds of improper motives of directors
The case of the mysteriously disappearing secured debt under a deed of company arrangement: hard cases making bad law again?
Editor’s corner
Volume 18 No 5 — May 2017
General Editor’s reading list
Widening the scope for clawback? — Ashala Model Agency Pty Ltd (In Liq) v Featherstone
Loss of priority for employees of trading trusts confirmed
Singapore’s new “supercharged” scheme of arrangement
Reform for the wrong reasons? Observations and comments on the INSOL 10th World Quadrennial Congress
Editor’s corner
Volume 18 No 3&4 — April 2017
Liquidator’s remuneration: Sanderson as Liquidator of Sakr Nominees Pty Ltd (in liq) v Sakr
New Zealand moves to disrupt phoenix activity
Insolvency Law Reform — corporate disciplinary committees and natural justice
Designated for assignment
A new path for those practitioners only doing receiverships
Insolvency practitioner remuneration under the new law and post-Sakr Nominees
Decision time
Commencement of the Insolvency Law Reform Act 2016: is the tail wagging the dog?
Insolvency Law Reform Act 2016 — issues for solicitors
Insolvency Law Reform Act 2016: practical implications for insolvency practitioners
Editor’s corner
Volume 18 No 2 — February 2017
Book review: Insolvent Trading and Fraudulent Trading in Australia: Regulation and Context
Deeds of company arrangement and the role and powers of creditors’ committees: some guidance from New Zealand
“The last man standing”
PPSA time limits and judicial discretion — Walrus helps win Accolade for prudence
PPSR registration — near enough is not good enough!
Editor’s corner
Volume 18 No 1 — January 2017
General Editor’s reading list
Statutory demand upheld — loan repayable when borrower chose to repay
“DIP” — the cure to going under down under?
Invalid administrator appointments
Can the granting of a security interest constitute an unfair preference?
Editor’s corner
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