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Competition and Consumer Law News (newsletter)
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Volume 33 No 6 — August 2017
Full Federal Court confirms scope of remedial orders under s 239(1)(a)(i) of the ACL
ACCC v Yazaki Corp (No 3): calculating pecuniary penalties based on 10% of annual turnover
The trial must go on: ACCC granted leave to proceed against private colleges in administration or liquidation
Volume 33 No 5 — July 2017
In contempt — ACCC v Halkalia Pty Ltd (No 3)
Domino’s Pizza pays penalty for alleged breach of the Franchising Code of Conduct
“Epic” air cargo cartel litigation ends in a finding of a market in Australia
Volume 33 No 4 — June 2017
Cartel comparison
Mere puffery?
Unfair contract terms under scrutiny
Volume 33 No 3 — May 2017
Consumer guarantees and second-hand vehicles: Nesbit v Porter
The court says “no” to allegations of cartel conduct
Airlines pay the price for drip pricing: ACCC v Virgin Australia Airlines Pty Ltd (No 2) and ACCC v Jetstar Airways Pty Ltd (No 2)
Volume 33 No 2 — April 2017
Vehicles and the consumer guarantee regime: Prestige Auto Traders Australia Pty Ltd v Bonnefin
The High Court delivers the final instalment in the Flight Centre proceedings
ACCC v Valve Corp (No 8) and ACCC v Valve Corp (No 7)
Volume 33 No 1 — March 2017
Competition law and human rights — not such strange bedfellows
Did you enjoy your stay? The ACCC takes action against Meriton serviced apartments over TripAdvisor reviews
Unconscionable conduct in business dealings post-ACCC v Woolworths Ltd
High Court’s decision in ACCC v Flight Centre has far-reaching consequences
Volume 32 No 10 — December 2016
Competition and consumer law — case summaries
A quiet but significant start to criminal cartel prosecutions
When the phoenix fails to rise
Volume 32 No 9 — November 2016
Paying the price for misleading price advertising — where “was” was not really what it seemed
Paciocco v Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd and penalties v “unfair contract terms”: the differences between two laws that can both invalidate a contractual term
Trans-Pacific Partnership: significant from a competition perspective or “next generation” political spin? — Part 3
Volume 32 No 8 — October 2016
Unfair contract term provisions: what’s relevant to determining whether a contract is a “standard form contract”?
The long-running high voltage power cable cartel case
Trans-Pacific Partnership: significant from a competition perspective or “next generation” political spin? — Part 2
Volume 32 No 7 — September 2016
How does a choice-of-law clause affect the operation of the unfair contract term provisions?
A cap on excessive payment surcharges
Trans-Pacific Partnership: significant from a competition perspective or “next generation” political spin? — Part 1
Volume 32 No 6 — August 2016
Unfair contract terms legislation creates uncertain contracts
Terry Truck Rentals Pty Ltd v Haseeb: another decision about the unfair contract term provisions and vehicle-hire arrangements
Australian air cargo cartel class action settles — guidance on risks and costs
Volume 32 No 5 — July 2016
ACCC acts to restore competition to the Queensland pathology market
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission v Colgate-Palmolive Pty Ltd (No 2)
ACCC v Online Dealz: Federal Court imposes penalties of $120,000 for supply of unsafe baby products
Volume 32 No 3-4 — June 2016
An explanation of s 137H of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth)
The High Court to decide whether “rivals” are necessarily “competitors”
Is adverse publicity relevant in determining pecuniary penalties under the Australian Consumer Law ACCC v Multimedia International Services Pty Ltd
ACCC v CLA Trading Pty Ltd (Europcar) — driving home the impact of unfair contract terms
Nurofen: specifically formulated to reduce pecuniary penalty pain ACCC v Reckitt Benckiser (Australia) Pty Ltd (No 7)
Steamrolled: Valve found to have made misleading representations through online game distribution network
Volume 32 No 2 — March 2016
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission v Safety Compliance Pty Ltd (No 2)
A holiday cruise, a cyclone and an unfair contract term: Ferme v Kimberley Discovery Cruises Pty Ltd
The “uneggspected” outcome of Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) v Australian Egg Corp Ltd and its implications for industry associations
ACCC v Jetstar Airways; ACCC v Virgin Australia Airlines: turning off the tap on drip pricing
Volume 32 No 1 — February 2016
ACCC v Chrisco Hampers: a decision on unfair contract terms delivered in time for Christmas
Nurofen decision causes headaches for Reckitt Benckiser
Made in Japan, caught in Australia —A case note on ACCC v Yazaki Corporation & Anor (No. 2)1
Mythbusting the NZ market power review
Status quo restored: High Court approves use of agreed civil penalty submissions
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