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Australian Superannuation Law Bulletin (newsletter)
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Volume 29 No 7 — September 2017
Traps that turn your non-geared unit trust into an in-house asset
Crime doesn’t pay — Treasurer v Nuttall
The show must go on: the theatre of an annual members’ meeting
Some aspects of the civil liability arising from breach of duty by a superannuation trustee
General Editor’s note
Volume 29 No 6 — August 2017
Many strategies are based on the proportioning rule
Is there a legal basis for ASIC’s expectations of superannuation trustees? Some views on ASIC’s Report 529: the members’ experience in superannuation
RG97 doesn’t stop at PDSs: remember periodic statements
General Editor’s note
Volume 29 No 5 — July 2017
Product design and distribution obligations and ASIC’s intervention powers
ESG investing — the legal case
General Editor’s note
Volume 29 No 4 — June 2017
When consent to a non-lapsing nomination is revoked
At the margins: An overview of Prudential Standard CPS 226 — margining and risk mitigations for non-centrally cleared derivatives
Innovative superannuation income streams — we are almost there!
On rights, powers and duties
General Editor’s note
Volume 29 No 3 — May 2017
Letter from London: FCA’s Interim Report on the Asset Management Market — implications for UK pensions schemes
New notification requirements under the Privacy Act: Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Act 2017
The Commissioner of Taxation’s remedial power — a new way forward?
Further guidance on superannuation trustee duties when considering claims for benefits: resolving conflicting bodies of opinion
The world according to Bernie
General Editor’s note
Volume 29 No 2 — April 2017
SMSFs and employee share schemes
Letter from London: green paper on security and sustainability in defined benefit pension schemes
Federal Court upholds basis for conversion of pension to lump sum as unfair and unreasonable
Benefits of a Statutory Scheme for Superannuation Dispute Resolution
Trustees will need to put their cap on and get ready for the new tax reform measures
General Editor’s note
Volume 29 No 1 — March 2017
Impact of the superannuation reforms on child pensions
Court approval of trust deed amendments
Is TPD now by the “by”?
General Editor’s Note
Volume 28 No 10 — December 2016
The new NCC rules and the new AFSL regime: a delicate balancing act
Superannuation death benefit not divisible among bankrupt’s creditors
A look at the new Life Insurance Code of Practice
No need for “endless pursuit of perfect information to make a perfect decision”
A rethink on “special circumstances” relief?
General Editor’s Note
Volume 28 No 9 — October 2016
The $1.6 million transfer balance cap explained
Superannuation reforms at a glance
Federal Court overturns SCT decision to withdraw complaint
Don’t judge a trustee’s books by their cover …
General Editor’s Note
Volume 28 No 8 — September 2016
Storm Financial directors breach CA duty of care and diligence
Beck to where we started from: Court of Appeal overturns controversial Supreme Court decision on the meaning of accrued benefits
Successor fund transfers and WSAL v Cooper
Court makes variation orders for REST Super
General Editor’s Note
Volume 28 No 7 — August 2016
Productivity Commission reveals assessment criteria and indicators for consultation in superannuation review
A relationship with “disharmony, altercations and grievances” — Ievers v Superannuation Complaints Tribunal
Superannuation Complaints Tribunal decisions
Budget super changes and AFSL advising in the SMSF juggernaut
Volume 28 No 6 — July 2016
Financial Ombudsman Service — what advisers need to consider
Sweeping superannuation reforms announced in the 2016–17 federal budget
A letter from London — defined contribution pensions reforms in the UK — The Secondary Annuity Market
Volume 28 No 5 — June 2016
The new $500,000-lifetime contribution cap
The meaning of “interdependency relationship” — TBCL and Commissioner of Taxation
Of covenants and pygmy hippos …
A letter from London — defined contribution pensions reforms in the UK — Independent Governance Committees
Volume 28 No 3-4 — May 2016
Conditional membership as an effective exit strategy
Video will admitted to probate — estate of Chan
Holding assets in an SMSF
Comprehensive income products in retirement: how might superannuation legislation provide for CIPRs?
A new safe harbour regime for non-bank limited recourse borrowing arrangements
The pursuit of insurance claims — cutting through the Gordian knot
A letter from London — defined contribution pensions reforms in the UK: pensions freedoms
Volume 28 No 2 — April 2016
SMSF members: don’t be caught out by the insurance policies of large funds
LRBAs and shares: there’s more than NALI
Client-money provisions under the Corporations Act
The class action and the removal of practical barriers to the challenge of the exercise of power by a trustee
Volume 28 No 1 — February 2016
The future for related party LRBAs
So, you want to get into the SMSF market? Here’s what you need to know
Is an incorporated contractor a safe haven in an SG context?
Transfers to eligible rollover funds
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