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Retirement & Estate Planning Bulletin (newsletter)
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Volume 19 No 4 — November 2016
The new NCC rules and the new AFSL regime: a delicate balancing act
Inheritance protection agreements — a BFA possibility?
Casenote: Badenach v Calvert
“One day this farm will all be yours”: testamentary promises and family farmers
Capacity to make a will and the necessarily missing witness: a comment on Estate Sue [2016] NSWSC 721
Volume 19 No 3 — July 2016
100 years of family provision in NSW
For the drover’s life has pleasures that the townsfolk never know
Solicitors acting as executors — a brief overview
Volume 19 No 2 — June 2016
The new $500,000 lifetime contribution cap is retrospective and bad law
The advantages of conditional membership in an SMSF
Deceased estates and the new foreign resident withholding tax rules
$1.6 million balance cap examined — more tax on death benefits
Volume 19 No 1 — May 2016
White v Gillam
Little shop of horrors: estate planning for family business proprietors
Costs in contested probate proceedings
Volume 18 No 9-10 — November 2015
The enduring power of attorney — beware the “power” of the attorney
New laws provide income tax “look-through” treatment for limited recourse borrowing arrangements
Life interests
Volume 18 No 8 — September 2015
Caveat Solicitor
The latest superannuation insurance changes
The Curator of Intestate Estates (Part 2)
Volume 18 No 7 — August 2015
Same sex marriage — a probate perspective
The Curator of Intestate Estates (Part 1)
Munro v Munro: another binding nomination bites the dust
Volume 18 No 6 — July 2015
Wealth — don’t leave it to the children?
Gifting as an estate planning technique
Bankrupt estates — debts and protected Assets
Volume 18 No 5 — June 2015
Can an adult child be a tax dependant — ATO ID 2014/22 says yes!
Fell v Fell and the construction of wills
Key ingredients for a successful rural succession/estate plan
Volume 18 No 4 — May 2015
When is a SMSF Binding Death Benefit Nomination not binding?
SMSF succession strategies
Good news for SMSFs and bankruptcy comes with a caution
Practical considerations in the appointment of an executor and/or trustee
Volume 18 No 3 — April 2015
SMSFD 2014/1: latest from the ATO on commuting a TRIS
Estate planning or will drafting — the importance of the retainer
Burial license disputes: Who’s been buried in my grave?
Volume 18 No 2 — March 2015
Wrights and rights — Estate planning implications
Paying a pension in kind using the partial commutation strategy
Honey, I lost the deed!
Draft legislation released: limited recourse borrowing arrangements
Volume 18 No 1 — February 2015
SMSF borrowing — ATO ID 2014/39 and ATO ID 2014/40 both confirm that nil interest borrowings from related parties can cause non-arm’s length income
New ATO view on cross-insurance within an SMSF!
Recent case provides valuable insights for SMSFs
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