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Retirement & Estate Planning Bulletin (newsletter)
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Volume 19 No 10 — October 2017
Dealing with clients with potentially impaired mental capacity
Ten bullet points when participating in a strata renewal process
The problem of lost trust deeds
Volume 19 No 8&9 — September 2017
Superannuation death benefits and bankruptcy — important points for will drafting
And to my beloved cat, Seraphina, I leave …
Death: proof, presumption, sequence and orders based on likelihood
The Lodin case and the future of former spouses as eligible applicants
Volume 19 No 7 — August 2017
Labor’s alternative minimum income tax for discretionary trust allocations: what is it and some design considerations
The devil’s in the detail: to what extent can a written agreement protect an older person in an assets for care arrangement with their children?
Impact of superannuation reforms on estate planning
Volume 19 No 5&6 — July 2017
Everything old is new again
Family provision and farming sons
Death and the maiden — probate and copyright
Volume 19 No 4 — November 2016
The new NCC rules and the new AFSL regime: a delicate balancing act
Inheritance protection agreements — a BFA possibility?
Casenote: Badenach v Calvert
“One day this farm will all be yours”: testamentary promises and family farmers
Capacity to make a will and the necessarily missing witness: a comment on Estate Sue [2016] NSWSC 721
Volume 19 No 3 — July 2016
100 years of family provision in NSW
For the drover’s life has pleasures that the townsfolk never know
Solicitors acting as executors — a brief overview
Volume 19 No 2 — June 2016
The new $500,000 lifetime contribution cap is retrospective and bad law
The advantages of conditional membership in an SMSF
Deceased estates and the new foreign resident withholding tax rules
$1.6 million balance cap examined — more tax on death benefits
Volume 19 No 1 — May 2016
White v Gillam
Little shop of horrors: estate planning for family business proprietors
Costs in contested probate proceedings
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