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Volume 30 No 8 — October 2017
Tolkien Estate Ltd v Saltalamacchia
Bayer v Generic Health: A yardstick for pharmaceutical patent infringement damages
The Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court: what you need to know about patent law changes in Europe
Just Group Ltd v Nicole Peck
Registered designs in Australia and New Zealand
Federal Court, Full Federal Court confirm the act applying for PBS listing is not of itself an “offer to supply” amounting to infringement of a patent
Volume 30 No 7 — September 2017
Key principles in the assessment of additional damages for copyright infringement
Internet website blocking and the application of s 115A of the Copyright Act
Unjustified threats of patent infringement: recent decisions
Switched on judge turns off CLIPSO trade mark
Australia’s looming patent crisis
Volume 30 No 6 — July 2017
A commercial IP perspective on the new unfair contract terms protection under the ACL
Death and the maiden — probate and copyright
Patent prosecution strategy in the ASEAN region: understanding the ASPEC and GPPH programs
The productivity of patents: a review
Four strikes and you’re out: Adidas covering their bases with trade marks protection
Volume 30 No 5 — June 2017
Post-industrial economies invest in intangibles to protect competitive advantage
Protecting intellectual property rights: interlocutory injunctions
TRIPS Agreement amended: will we see increased access to patented medications?
Reconciling unjustified threat provisions in IP legislation with the “genuine steps” obligation
WIN v Nine: lessons in contract interpretation for the new media age
Volume 30 No 4 — May 2017
Storm Group v Storm Int Group Pty Ltd
On your marks
Storm clouds over the Pacific: Stone & Wood Group Pty Ltd v Intellectual Property Development Corp Pty Ltd
The proposed reforms to insolvency laws: great for turning around; not so great for turning off
Is traditional IP so yesterday?
Volume 30 No 3 — April 2017
Copyright liability and the plight of the innocent intermediary
Re Hoser — a “hands on” case
Same same, but different, but still same — breezy fight for fan design owner
Proposed changes to the Copyright Act — who’s in the safe harbour?
Fair enough? How technology and the law shape creative mashups
Volume 30 No 2 — March 2017
A look at recent IP Australia fee changes
Imposing territorial limitations on registered trade marks under the non-use provisions
Smartcopying Practices
Parody and satire fair dealing exceptions: 10 years on
Developments in the patentability of biotechnology in Australia and the United States — Part 2
Volume 30 No 1 — January 2017
It is all in the micro-details: Schulke & Mayr GmbH v Ecolab USA Inc
A puff of clarity: guidance on trade mark “use”, “consent” and tobacco plain packaging in Scandinavian Tobacco Group Eersel BV v Trojan Trading Co Pty Ltd
When things don’t go to plan — dealing with copyright and moral rights relating to buildings, building models and building plans
Qantas unsuccessful in opposition to Kangaroo trade mark
How to patent a seemingly unpatentable software invention
Volume 29 No 10 — December 2016
Brexit through the gift shop — the UK referendum and its implications for IP owners
The defence of innocent infringement of copyright in Australian Copyright Law
Interview with Terri Janke
Follow-on innovation or evergreening: what is the difference?
Developments in the patentability of biotechnology in Australia and the United States — Part 1
Volume 29 No 9 — October 2016
Bad faith blocks MY POST application : Jason Bosco Elvis Soares v Australian Postal Corp
Not clowning around: McDonald’s blocks McKosher trade mark reputation
Spoiler alert: copyright law and online “spoiler” culture
Trade mark cases update: wild geese and smoking cigars
Interview with Colin D Golvan QC
Volume 29 No 8 — August 2016
David and Goliath battle gets UGG-ly
Australian designs law — what is really going to change and when?
Hells Angels Motorcycle Corp (Australia) Pty Ltd v Redbubble Ltd
Tackling parallel imports of branded goods
Volume 29 No 7 — July 2016
Change the mascot: the Washington Redskins — offensive trade marks, freedom of speech and racism in sport
The patent best method requirement and amending the specification at court to meet that requirement: Les Laboratoires Servier v Apotex Pty Ltd
Embracing technology: the way forward for the courts
Plain packaging laws in Australia
Patent regicide — do royalties die with the patent? A comparison of post-patent term royalties in Australia, Canada and United States
Labelling the “Australian-ness” of food — a review of the new country of origin food labelling system 2016
Volume 29 No 6 — June 2016
“Fair basis” shows its teeth in Australian Patent Office decisions
Case note: Multigate Medical Devices Pty Ltd v B Braun Melsungen AG
Google Books: (un)fair use and its implications for Australia
Veda Advantage Ltd v Malouf Group Enterprises Pty Ltd: the use of trade marks in keyword advertising
Whether “broadcast” encompasses online streaming: WIN v Nine
Volume 29 No 5 — May 2016
Telstra Corp Ltd v Phone Directories Company Australia Pty Ltd — the Full Court decides that the word “yellow” is descriptive of online telephone directories
Mainrain Pty Ltd v Trentman Pty Ltd
Raising capital for Intellectual Property SMEs — understanding the disclosure requirements — part II
Protecting the use of image in the media
Reality bites — the assessment of the “notional” licence fee in Monte v Fairfax and Dallas Buyers Club v iiNet
Volume 29 No 4 — May 2016
Dotting your IPs and crossing your Ts (shirts)
Marsh v Baxter: cutting a swathe through barriers to GM canola
Raising Capital for IP SMEs — understanding the disclosure requirements
The Great Danes: can Australia learn from Denmark on design protection?
Therapeutic Goods Act regime no bar to Commonwealth’s right to recover pursuant to the usual undertaking as to damages
Volume 29 No 3 — March 2016
The convoluted path travelled by Lundbeck in its quest for patent term extension
Raising the Bar update — too high or not high enough?
IP implications under the TPP and the CHAFTA
Underutilised registrations: should defensive trade marks be part of your portfolio protection strategy?
Protecting intellectual property in employment
Commissioner of Patents v RPL Central Pty Ltd
Volume 29 No 2 — February 2016
Book review — Q & A Legal Practice and Ethics
A boom time for agribusiness — are plant breeders’ rights up to the challenge?
Use it or lose it: exercising control over trade marks to prevent removal for non-use
Conflicts unique to IP practitioners
Proving use of a trade mark in New Zealand — an Australian practitioner’s perspective
Survey evidence in trade mark disputes — a sledgehammer to crack a walnut?
The Madrid Protocol or national filings: strategic considerations
Volume 29 No 1 — January 2016
Book Review: Law and Popular Culture in Australia
Banksy owns the copyright, but who owns the mural?
Goodwill in franchising: don’t take it for granted
Digital Millennium Copyright Act 1998 (US) and Fair Use: here’s what the “Dancing Baby” decision means for your client’s business in the US
Save “Left Shark”: Katy Perry, intellectual property and 3D printing
Blurring the lines on copyright infringement
Restraint of trade doctrine: a short guide
High Court dismisses AstraZenca’s Crestor appeal
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