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Volume 30 No 7 — September 2017
Key principles in the assessment of additional damages for copyright infringement
Internet website blocking and the application of s 115A of the Copyright Act
Unjustified threats of patent infringement: recent decisions
Switched on judge turns off CLIPSO trade mark
Australia’s looming patent crisis
Volume 30 No 6 — July 2017
A commercial IP perspective on the new unfair contract terms protection under the ACL
Death and the maiden — probate and copyright
Patent prosecution strategy in the ASEAN region: understanding the ASPEC and GPPH programs
The productivity of patents: a review
Four strikes and you’re out: Adidas covering their bases with trade marks protection
Volume 30 No 5 — June 2017
Post-industrial economies invest in intangibles to protect competitive advantage
Protecting intellectual property rights: interlocutory injunctions
TRIPS Agreement amended: will we see increased access to patented medications?
Reconciling unjustified threat provisions in IP legislation with the “genuine steps” obligation
WIN v Nine: lessons in contract interpretation for the new media age
Volume 30 No 4 — May 2017
Storm Group v Storm Int Group Pty Ltd
On your marks
Storm clouds over the Pacific: Stone & Wood Group Pty Ltd v Intellectual Property Development Corp Pty Ltd
The proposed reforms to insolvency laws: great for turning around; not so great for turning off
Is traditional IP so yesterday?
Volume 30 No 3 — April 2017
Copyright liability and the plight of the innocent intermediary
Re Hoser — a “hands on” case
Same same, but different, but still same — breezy fight for fan design owner
Proposed changes to the Copyright Act — who’s in the safe harbour?
Fair enough? How technology and the law shape creative mashups
Volume 30 No 2 — March 2017
A look at recent IP Australia fee changes
Imposing territorial limitations on registered trade marks under the non-use provisions
Smartcopying Practices
Parody and satire fair dealing exceptions: 10 years on
Developments in the patentability of biotechnology in Australia and the United States — Part 2
Volume 30 No 1 — January 2017
It is all in the micro-details: Schulke & Mayr GmbH v Ecolab USA Inc
A puff of clarity: guidance on trade mark “use”, “consent” and tobacco plain packaging in Scandinavian Tobacco Group Eersel BV v Trojan Trading Co Pty Ltd
When things don’t go to plan — dealing with copyright and moral rights relating to buildings, building models and building plans
Qantas unsuccessful in opposition to Kangaroo trade mark
How to patent a seemingly unpatentable software invention
Volume 29 No 10 — December 2016
Brexit through the gift shop — the UK referendum and its implications for IP owners
The defence of innocent infringement of copyright in Australian Copyright Law
Interview with Terri Janke
Follow-on innovation or evergreening: what is the difference?
Developments in the patentability of biotechnology in Australia and the United States — Part 1
Volume 29 No 9 — October 2016
Bad faith blocks MY POST application : Jason Bosco Elvis Soares v Australian Postal Corp
Not clowning around: McDonald’s blocks McKosher trade mark reputation
Spoiler alert: copyright law and online “spoiler” culture
Trade mark cases update: wild geese and smoking cigars
Interview with Colin D Golvan QC
Volume 29 No 8 — August 2016
David and Goliath battle gets UGG-ly
Australian designs law — what is really going to change and when?
Hells Angels Motorcycle Corp (Australia) Pty Ltd v Redbubble Ltd
Tackling parallel imports of branded goods
Volume 29 No 7 — July 2016
Change the mascot: the Washington Redskins — offensive trade marks, freedom of speech and racism in sport
The patent best method requirement and amending the specification at court to meet that requirement: Les Laboratoires Servier v Apotex Pty Ltd
Embracing technology: the way forward for the courts
Plain packaging laws in Australia
Patent regicide — do royalties die with the patent? A comparison of post-patent term royalties in Australia, Canada and United States
Labelling the “Australian-ness” of food — a review of the new country of origin food labelling system 2016
Volume 29 No 6 — June 2016
“Fair basis” shows its teeth in Australian Patent Office decisions
Case note: Multigate Medical Devices Pty Ltd v B Braun Melsungen AG
Google Books: (un)fair use and its implications for Australia
Veda Advantage Ltd v Malouf Group Enterprises Pty Ltd: the use of trade marks in keyword advertising
Whether “broadcast” encompasses online streaming: WIN v Nine
Volume 29 No 5 — May 2016
Telstra Corp Ltd v Phone Directories Company Australia Pty Ltd — the Full Court decides that the word “yellow” is descriptive of online telephone directories
Mainrain Pty Ltd v Trentman Pty Ltd
Raising capital for Intellectual Property SMEs — understanding the disclosure requirements — part II
Protecting the use of image in the media
Reality bites — the assessment of the “notional” licence fee in Monte v Fairfax and Dallas Buyers Club v iiNet
Volume 29 No 4 — May 2016
Dotting your IPs and crossing your Ts (shirts)
Marsh v Baxter: cutting a swathe through barriers to GM canola
Raising Capital for IP SMEs — understanding the disclosure requirements
The Great Danes: can Australia learn from Denmark on design protection?
Therapeutic Goods Act regime no bar to Commonwealth’s right to recover pursuant to the usual undertaking as to damages
Volume 29 No 3 — March 2016
The convoluted path travelled by Lundbeck in its quest for patent term extension
Raising the Bar update — too high or not high enough?
IP implications under the TPP and the CHAFTA
Underutilised registrations: should defensive trade marks be part of your portfolio protection strategy?
Protecting intellectual property in employment
Commissioner of Patents v RPL Central Pty Ltd
Volume 29 No 2 — February 2016
Book review — Q & A Legal Practice and Ethics
A boom time for agribusiness — are plant breeders’ rights up to the challenge?
Use it or lose it: exercising control over trade marks to prevent removal for non-use
Conflicts unique to IP practitioners
Proving use of a trade mark in New Zealand — an Australian practitioner’s perspective
Survey evidence in trade mark disputes — a sledgehammer to crack a walnut?
The Madrid Protocol or national filings: strategic considerations
Volume 29 No 1 — January 2016
Book Review: Law and Popular Culture in Australia
Banksy owns the copyright, but who owns the mural?
Goodwill in franchising: don’t take it for granted
Digital Millennium Copyright Act 1998 (US) and Fair Use: here’s what the “Dancing Baby” decision means for your client’s business in the US
Save “Left Shark”: Katy Perry, intellectual property and 3D printing
Blurring the lines on copyright infringement
Restraint of trade doctrine: a short guide
High Court dismisses AstraZenca’s Crestor appeal
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