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Volume 34 No 8 — November 2018
When cover is less than the sum of its parts — Bank of Queensland Ltd v AIG Australia Ltd
More on class action common fund orders: Lenthall v Westpac Life Insurance Services Ltd
Insurer free to change its mind: SS Family Pty Ltd v WorkCover
Volume 34 No 6&7 — October 2018
TPD claim — the effect of medication: Folmer v VicSuper Pty Ltd
Quantification and characterisation of aspects of loss of profit claims: Australian Pipe and Tube Pty Ltd v QBE Insurance (Australia) Ltd (No 2)
Income protection claim — benefits not reduced by offset clause: Buswell v TAL Life Ltd
Southern Classic Group Pty Ltd (t/as Southern Classic Cars) v Arch Underwriting at Lloyd’s Ltd (On Behalf of Syndicate 2012)
The MX case: Supreme Court considers reasonableness of life insurer’s decision
Volume 34 No 5 — September 2018
TPD claim — the best evidence of inability to obtain work: Newling v FSS Trustee Corp (No 2)
Fairness and greed: reflections on the Royal Commission and implications for the insurance industry
Non-disclosure and advancement of costs: Onley v Catlin Syndicate Ltd as the Underwriting Member of Lloyd’s Syndicate
Volume 34 No 4 — August 2018
WFI Insurance Ltd v Manitowoq Platinum Pty Ltd
Downer EDI Rail Pty Ltd v John Holland Pty Ltd
Construction insurance miscellany
Volume 34 No 3 — July 2018
Cincovic v Blenner’s Transport Pty Ltd
Sun sets on unlicensed foreign financial services providers
Marketform v Amashaw
Volume 34 No 2 — May 2018
Weir Services Australia Pty Ltd v AXA Corporate Solutions Assurance
Insurance policy exclusion for “flood”: Wiesac Pty Ltd v Insurance Australia Group Ltd
Metricon Homes Pty Ltd v Great Lakes Insurance SE
Life insurer’s denial displaced
Volume 34 No 1 — April 2018
Memo on Rushleigh v Forge and Zaki v Better Buildings
Perils exclusion 4 in ISR Mark IV: time to revisit the decision in Prime Infrastructure?
The liability, negligence and insurances of an architect or engineer in construction projects
Sheehan v Lloyds Names Munich Re Syndicate Ltd
Volume 33 No 10 — March 2018
Sachin Sharma v Insurance Australia Ltd (t/as NRMA Insurance)
Car yard insurance when the wheels fall off — ASIC product suitability and intervention powers servicing the add-on insurance industry
Who is insured when the whole family lives on the farm?
Volume 33 No 9 — December 2017
2017: the year that was
Mastering cover for global companies
Volume 33 No 8 — October 2017
Late application to increase income protection benefit — AIA v Lancaster
The test for judicial review of an insurer’s decision — Hannover Life Re of Australasia Ltd v Jones
Mind the gap (Part II): transfer of project risk — insurance implications of practical completion and taking into use by the principal
Volume 33 No 7 — September 2017
Life insurers are not an employment agency — Dotlic v Hannover Life Re of Australasia Ltd
Mind the gap: the impact of testing and commissioning on insurance coverage in major projects
Malamit Pty Ltd v WFI Insurance Ltd
Volume 33 No 6 — July 2017
Aquagenics Pty Ltd (In Liq) v Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s Subscribing to Contract Number NCP106108663
What ASIC has in store for the insurance industry in 2017
Section 6 is gone, but what happens next? (Or: will the sky fall in on liability insurers?)
Riding in cars with boys
Volume 33 No 5 — June 2017
The effect of termination of employment on a TPD claim — MLC Nominees Pty Ltd v Daffy
UK courts recognise a nominate tort for economic loss — Marex Financial Ltd v Garcia
Mental illness and disability discrimination — FOS determination 428120
Volume 33 No 4 — May 2017
Reflecting on 25 years of class actions in the Federal Court of Australia
Lee v Lee
Bigby v Kondra
Brothels, Comanchero connections and proposal forms: a cautionary tale for insurers — Stealth Enterprises Pty Ltd t/as Gentlemen's Club v Calliden Insurance Ltd
Volume 33 No 3 — April 2017
Recent developments in life risk insurance remuneration
A fork in the road: the two stages of inquiry for litigated life insurance claims
Life insurers soon to be bound by new code of practice
Manitowoq Platinum Pty Ltd v WFI Insurance Ltd
Volume 33 No 2 — March 2017
Western Australian Court of Appeal divided on causation
Proposed legislative changes to the “undoubtedly opaque and ambiguous” s 6
Introducing mandatory data breach notification
Volume 33 No 1 — February 2017
The effect of termination of employment on a TPD claim — Daffy v MLC Nominees
You think that’s excluded … think again — s 54(3) of the Insurance Contracts Act to the rescue in Allianz Australia Insurance Ltd v Smeaton
Scratching below the surface: damage to glazed panels and contract works insurance policy response
The meaning of “reasonably fitted by education, training or experience” — Jones v United Super
Volume 32 No 9&10 — January 2017
Still no contract of insurance — Edington v Board of Trustees
Review of the four major banks and impact for the insurance industry
Blown out of the water: when an insureds’ “act” requires contribution between insurers
2016: The year that was
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