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Volume 26 No 10 — November 2018
What is timely and direct communication?: Halwala Inquest
Best interests of the child and parents’ wishes — parens patriae jurisdiction in Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service v AT
Gillick competence, parens patriae and Jehovah’s Witnesses
Volume 26 No 9 — October 2018
Coroner finds patient death caused by undetected prescribing error
Professional misconduct for failure to report suspected child abuse
Coronial inquest into the tragic death of newborn Manusiu Amone — highlighting the need for reconsideration of perinatal and paediatric post-mortem examination protocols in NSW
Volume 26 No 8 — September 2018
Police use of partial DNA matching in criminal investigations — identifying a suspect through their genetic relatives
Community treatment orders — the Coroner examines cross-jurisdictional psychiatric care
GP liable for failing to monitor and refer patient
Still a vexed question: post-mortem gamete removal and use
Volume 26 No 7 — August 2018
Queensland Coroner calls for urgent implementation of a real-time prescription monitoring system — a review of the inquest into the deaths of House, White, Smith and Milne
The Gould appeal: irrational yet widely accepted practice?
Zhang v Hardas (No 2) — the standard of care for professionals
Volume 26 No 6 — July 2018
GLS v Russell-Weisz: transfer of gametes to another jurisdiction
Psychological harm and loss of chance — estimating future economic loss by probability
Best interests of reasonable citizens and the instinct to survive — the Skripal poisoning
Body modification: consent and regulation
Volume 26 No 5 — June 2018
GP obstetrician liable for failure to act in accordance with competent professional practice — Ellis v East Metropolitan Health Service
Lost in transit — the inquest into the death of Ike Jordan Zerk
Does a guardianship order trump a community treatment order? — SMF v South Western Sydney Local Health District
An established practice? Refining the defence of competent medical practice
Volume 26 No 4 — May 2018
Queensland Coroner calls for guidelines to reduce inpatient suicide risk in mental health units — a review of the inquest into the deaths of Steven Hitchins and Shawn Gudge
Duty of care: failure to consider sepsis in paediatric burns patient — Mabior by her Next Friend Mary Kelei v Child and Adolescent Health Service
Inquest into the death of MA — scrutiny of inpatient observations for mental health patients
Volume 26 No 3 — April 2018
Hospital liability for patient on patient assault: AB v ACT
Plaintiff discharged from hospital whilst sedated and allowed to drive a motor vehicle: Naidoo v Brisbane Waters Administration Pty Ltd t/as Brisbane Waters Private Hospital
Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust v Thomas
The scope of employers’ liability: Robinson v Queensland
Volume 26 No 2 — March 2018
From Re Jamie to Re Kelvin: access to gender dysphoria treatment for transgender adolescents
Special health care and terminations of pregnancy in case of a serious danger to health — one recent perspective
Communication breakdown: a case note of the coronial inquest into the death of Jared Olsen
Treatment of the compliant mental health patient — LC by his Litigation Guardian KS v Australian Capital Territory
Volume 26 No 1 — February 2018
Wrongful birth damages — two more difficult questions
Disclosing a doctor’s experience and alternative treatments — Jambrovic v Day
Psychological vulnerability and support for patients — death of ALJW
Real-time prescription monitoring system in Victoria
Volume 25 No 10 — January 2018
Medical testing in litigation: explanted tissue — James v Seltsam Pty Ltd
Roane-Spray v Queensland: QCA confirms State of Queensland vicariously liable
A forged signature, a thawed embryo and no winners: the decision in ARB v IVF Hammersmith Ltd
Liability for unjustified delay in treating patient with bacterial meningitis — Panagoulias v The East Metropolitan Health Service (No 4)
Volume 25 No 9 — November 2017
Coronial comments on the need for systematic assessment of potential ligature points in psychiatric units
Reasonably foreseeable postoperative infection — a claim in trespass and negligence involving a claim of lack of consent to the particular surgeon performing the operation
Withdrawal of treatment — UK case decides a court ruling is no longer needed
Coroner finds Champix contributed to death by suicide
Volume 25 No 8 — October 2017
Ethical guidelines on the use of assisted reproductive technology in clinical practice and research: information issues
Prince Alfred College Inc v ADC — an employer’s vicarious liability for the criminal acts of its employees
Psychiatric and psychological evidence in the inquest into the deaths arising from the Lindt Café siege
Volume 25 No 7 — September 2017
Mental harm damages following birth trauma — the Sorbello appeal
Inquiries leading to change? Australian Senate looks at the health care complaints system
Applications for consent to special medical treatment — NXM (No 1) and NXM (No 2)
Inquest into death due to prescription medication overdose: issues for treating doctors and regulatory systems
Volume 25 No 6 — August 2017
Disclosure of confidential genetic information to relatives: the complexities and difficulties revisited — appeal from the interlocutory decision of ABC v St George’s Heath Care NHS Trust
Changes to advance care directives — Medical Treatment Planning and Decisions Act 2016 (Vic)
Conflict of laws and the challenge of telehealth
Irrationality and the peer opinion defence
Should a health practitioner try to stop their patients from harming others? — Inquest into the Death of Adriana Donato
Volume 25 No 5 — July 2017
Foreign court of appeal strikes out claim for “involuntary parenthood” — PP v DD
An issue of intent: Zaburoni v R
Pain relief and palliative care at home in focus
Volume 25 No 4 — June 2017
Australian Medical Association — revised Code of Ethics
Failure to make a timely diagnosis of a malignant melanoma — Muller v King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Costs in QCAT disciplinary proceedings: has the landscape changed?
Protecting vulnerable patients with mental illness; Coroner finds suicide death in hospital to have been avoidable
Employer’s request for blood and urine samples: assault or negligence? — Pere v Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service
Conservative treatment following radiological findings of primary diverticulitis: South Metropolitan Health Service v Westcott
Volume 25 No 3 — May 2017
Communication skills in health care
Roane-Spray v Queensland: no immunity for State of Queensland
Inquest into the death of Shona Hookey — a young woman with an acute life threatening condition and with no speech; challenges for carers, paramedics, and emergency department medical and nursing staff
Volume 25 No 2 — April 2017
Foreign court grants summary judgment in class action against practitioner for inadequate infection control practices — Levac v James
Revalidation for the medical profession? The what, why and how
An update on substitute decision making for participation in medical research
The tension between patient autonomy and clinical advice: the inquest into the death of baby NA
Volume 25 No 1 — February 2017
Medical emergency treatment calls: inquest into the death of Hasibuan
Comcare v Martin: Compensation for your boss’s decisions at work?
Refusal of medical treatment by a prisoner
Investigation into the death of C, a child aged 14 — an opportunity to review the management of complex medical needs and care in less acute health care settings
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