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Employment Law Bulletin (newsletter)
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Volume 25 No 1 — March 2019
Reporting to a former peer: unacceptable demotion or “other acceptable employment” for redundancy pay?
Entitlement to redundancy pay and “the ordinary and customary turnover of labour” in s 119(1)(a): Fair Work Ombudsman v Spotless Services Australia Ltd
Federal government acts on casual employee Full Court ruling in WorkPac Pty Ltd v Skene: amending regulations tabled
Volume 24 No 10 — February 2019
Unfair dismissal and procedural fairness: the right to be heard before being fired
Lessons from the Full Court on adverse action and coercion: legal issues where there are employees of subcontractors taking industrial action against a principal
Volume 24 No 9 — January 2019
Casual work in Australia: an overview of the ACTU’s “The Myth of the Casual Wage Premium” report
The rights of delivery workers in Australia’s gig economy: employees, independent contractors and Klooger v Foodora Australia
When will a deed of release shield an employer from future underpayment claims?
Volume 24 No 8 — November 2018
New long service leave provisions in Victoria: evolution of an old entitlement!
A snapshot of Australia’s new vulnerable workers legislation
Volume 24 No 7 — October 2018
Restraint of trade clauses: can they bind independent contractors?
Inability to perform inherent requirements of an employee’s position — valid reason for dismissal?
Employers beware: your “casual employees” may not be so casual after all
Volume 24 No 6 — September 2018
Performance management process and termination of employment — a practical guide
The Commonwealth Modern Slavery Bill 2018: reform without sanctions! Can it work?
Volume 24 No 5 — August 2018
Tailoring working arrangements and the BOOT — the implications of Hart and recent cases for the approval of enterprise agreements
Procedural fairness in coronial inquests
Am I an officer? Addressing the potential for personal liability for work health and safety breaches
Volume 24 No 4 — July 2018
A comparative analysis of recent unfair dismissal cases involving offensive language and abusive conduct
Support persons for employees and the Fair Work Act
Leave accrual during employer response action clarified
Volume 24 No 3 — May 2018
Uber, the Fair Work Act and traditional notions of “employment” in the digital economy
When is a maximum term in an employment contract really a maximum term? Section 386 of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) on the meaning of “dismissed” and Khayam v Navitas
Volume 24 No 2 — April 2018
The sting in the tail — the High Court’s decision in Australian Building and Construction Commissioner v Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) on individuals paying pecuniary penalties
The changing world of work — regulating the work relationship in the United Kingdom
Who’s watching? Managing workplace surveillance technologies
Volume 24 No 1 — February 2018
Confronting bias in courts and tribunals
The minefield of labour hire agencies, on-hire workers, employees and host employers: who has actually dismissed the worker and who is responsible?
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